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Wyrd Sister
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Wyrd Sister

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Posted:yeah, okay, I know Halloween and Beltaine have been and gone, but I haven't been coherent for the last coupla days and it's been pertty full on since the Full Moon....

The Full Moon was great, heaps of people came along and I've made some more fire friends - Hi Steven from Canberra!! welcome to Wellington wave Just to let people know, if you're in Wellington I'm starting a little network happening. A couple of us regularly get together, always weather dependant, but we send out a text to anyone who wants to come out and play. If you want to be part of this flick me an e with a way I can contact you, or come along to the Drumming Circle - I'll be posting the date here every month. I'm working with a friend to get a website happening as well which will have all sorts of on it, and more info about the Pyro Friends network (not too sure if this'll be the 'official' title yet).

Another friend of mine took me out on the weekend to meet her 'family' - you know, the friends who are you're family? Wow, very cool people. They've pretty much adopted me into their clan ubbrollsmile which is lovely. One of the guys also taught me fire breathing. Wow, it's as much of a rush as fire twirling!!! I have to say that things have changed since I went back to the drumming circle and started playing with fire biggrin My reality has taken on a whole new reality...

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Posted:sounds wonderful, our beltane celebrations were fab ubblove ubblove ubbrollsmile


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Posted:biggrin biggrin biggrin
keep us posted with your website and events!
i sent you a pm

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shen shui
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shen shui

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Posted:yay for doing stuff in wellington!
i'm interested, fo sho!

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