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OrangeBoboSILVER Member
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Location: Guelph, ON, Canada

I swear, my blood pressure has been rising by the minute since I woke up this morning. I'm not normally an easy person to make really nervous, but I am now!

Just think... tomorrow, I will have my first lesson as a uni student. Even though I'll only be there for two months, I'm still a student. That technically makes me a grade ten student, and a university student at the same time! It's so weird... but will be worth it, because it's a two month intensive course on German, which considering the fact that I live in Germany, might be rather helpful.

But I feel like a 4 year old going into highschool, or something! And I honestly don't know why I'm so nervous, but I am! And instead of a 4 yr old going into hs, I'm a 16 year old going into Uni.My dad at home (in Canada) refuses to truly accept me as a uni student though, because I have to go home (Canada) and do another two years of highschool (which will suck, none the less, because I probably won't get more than an impressive language credit, and will have to pretend I just didnt do any school for all of this year frown redface)

In anycase, I should do fine, my host mom is coming with me just for tomorrow, so I get used to the train and busses I have to take to get to uni. And countless people have already asked me in the past years which Uni I go to (apparently I look older than I am), and on my first day here at school, some of the students thought I was a new teacher!

*tries to breathe regularly*

So, wish me luck!!



~ Bobo

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SkulduggeryGOLD Member
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hug You'll do just fine! hug

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LurchBRONZE Member
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You'll do fine hun P: It's just college, no big deal wink

And who knows, maybe your german transcripts will transfer over to whatever college you do back home, you might start out at home as a sophomore, always a good thing to be ahead.

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OrangeBoboSILVER Member
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Location: Guelph, ON, Canada

If I knew what a sophomore was, I might know what you're going on about. And I wont get any credits. I need 192h of class time, and with the amount of classes I have, take away the two months I'm gone, I doubt I will get enough hours. Also, I have to fulfill all these outcomes, and they will obviously be different outcomes.

Just face it, I'm screwed with 4 years of highschool as compared to the three I would normally. But hey, one is in Germany biggrin

Still really nervous.

~ Bobo

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nearly_all_goneSILVER Member
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Location: Southampton, United Kingdom

Good luck! Uni's great smile As much as I whinge about essays wink

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ElannaSILVER Member
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Oooh! Good luck! You'll have loads of fun! Uni classes are *so* much better than HS ones. smile
Don't be so nervous! You'll be fine!

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EeraBRONZE Member
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In two days your first day will be over and you'll wonder what the hell you were nervous about.

Have fun and keep smiling.

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AdeSILVER Member
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Location: australia

Eera's right, go with the flow and you'll have a ball hug

LazyAngelGOLD Member
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Location: Cambridge UK

yeah dude, this is a great chance. God I wish I'd gone to uni age 16. Also expect some kudos when you say 'oh yeah, I'm 17, but I've already been to uni!' wink

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DentrassiGOLD Member
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dont worry - youll be sleeping through or skipping your lectures to go to the pub before you know it! biggrin

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KaelGotRiceGOLD Member
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look who it is...

But yes, best of luck and lots o' love!

It seems the Europeans have long holidays...

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Mistress_MaledictiHeaven doesn't want me, and Hell is afraid I'll take over
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Good luck - I'm sure you'll have a great time. Don't get too hung up on how many class hours you'll get and what grade you come out with, your resum will still have the impressive words on it saying that you studied abroad and that's *got* to be worth having.


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OrangeBoboSILVER Member
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Location: Guelph, ON, Canada

Hehe, this is the best part about marks... I don't get any biggrin

So, I went, was fine, fine fine, had to do a placement test, and was done in an hour. Met a nice lady from Bulgaria beside me, as we watched waves and waves of students come in (most of them asian, for some reason... don't know why!) Did the test, got out of there, and went shopping. Erm... yeah, nothing like makes you feel better than spending 70 on ski pants and a pair of orange ski socks.

Then I was happy! I've comepletely forgotten about it all, but will probably be a nervous wreck again tomorrow... ubblol I couldn't even eat breakfast this morning!! But tomorrow I commute alone alone! Eeeeeeep. But the train ride is nice, I just hope I dont miss my stop! eek that would be horrid.

So... happyness turns to tiredness and a 'no, this isn't our stop yet' when it really was... Lugged stuff home.. found three packages on the stairs. One from HoP, and two from home! biggrin biggrin biggrin *dances* It was the best part of the whole day!! Mmm, beaming poi, glowsticks, book, odds and ends I left at home, and for some weird reason, the oddest feeling orange pillow. My mom said she *had* to get it for me! It's awesome, but I have no clue as to how I'm going to get it home with me ._.

Not that that matters... because I got ma beamers!!! *dances madly*

Three hours until it gets dark... biggrin

As for the actual Uni... I'm only doing one course, but it's full time, Mon - Fri, 9 - 12:30. Intensive language study. Oh joy. For two months. I hope I'm in the same class as the nice Bulgarian lady, she was cool. Or maye some of the hot asians. Hmmm tongue (that's at Elanna)

We'll see tomorrow...

Thanks for all the support guys smile I'd give it another.... 6 hours until I start flipping out again, because I'm doing it alone tomorrow. redface

~ Bobo

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babajagaBRONZE Member
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Location: Berlin, Germany

Cool that you had a good day smile. bounce bounce2 hug

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Tao StarPooh-Bah
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yeah, uni is like the funnest place ever. and it's full of crazy people with odd ideas aboutlife who are willing to have random conversations and go to the put with you!, oh and lots of poi too.

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The best part about uni is that no-one gives a [censored]!! You could walk around wearing your underwear on the outside and no-one would care. You might get a few odd looks but not too much more. Its an awesome place to let go of all the highschool/social games and just be yourself!!!

Have yourself a fantastic time!

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Kinudin (Soul Fyre)veteran
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Location: San Diego, California, USA

Yay! Good job Bobo! *hugs tight*

Congrats on going to Uni! Crazy high schoolness. but a 3.5 hour intensive language class! That sounds awesome! Have much fun, and *hopes you get the Bulgarian lady*. I had a few Bulgarian's in my math class, and it was awesome talking with them about the differences of life, and just getting to know them.

hug ubbrollsmile

Wild ChildSILVER Member
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Location: Cheshire, United Kingdom

Uni's the first and last place you get to be who you are or who you want to be, be irresponsible and it's expected, be shallow, be deep - and so does everyone else..... no matter how crap the course or how few people you really connect with it always stays with you. leaving school at 16 was the best thing for me - and how cool for you to be abroad and at uni, most of us only get to dream..... ubbidea but frankly I don't think I would have had the confidence to do it then - well done you clap

Hope your 2nd day goes as well as the first hug

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My first day of Uni... er... sorry COLLEGE (loosing my American talking with you lot... er... I mean people)

My first day of COLLEGE was definitely 'the first day of the rest of my life'. It very distinctly separated the sucky portion of my life from the great portion of my life.

Embrace the freedom and do great things with it. I think that college definitely had more MEANING for me than HS. The classes seemed to have a purpose.

And the fact that I was an anonymous one of 40,000 was the greatest thing in the world.

Enjoy. It will be over before you know it. biggrin

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OrangeBoboSILVER Member
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Location: Guelph, ON, Canada

Argh, it was actually really really boring. But my prof is hilarous, laughs a lot, and draws charactures really well. Must help when you're teaching a class from all over the world a language that none of them knows, when you dont know their languages... If you can figure that out confused

I didn't get the Bulgarian lady, but have now met a nice young man from the Ukraine biggrin ubblol

Half the time it's really utterly boring, and the other half it is rather amusing. I just hope they move on to stuff that I don't know yet shrug

I don't know if I will get to do all the fun stuff everyone else did in Uni... My age restrains me, as well as the ever unforgiving language barrier. ubblol never said 'shuldigung, ich sprache nicht deutsch' so many times! They changed the platforms for my train... finally clued in, and bolted to the place where it was... lalala...

*is in a bad mood because of the elections*

~ Bobo

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Uni will be more fun than you know yet.
Of course nerves are going to be around as its something new and people keep telling you that its really really hard but ignore them and just enjoy it as much as you can.

have fun

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OrangeBoboSILVER Member
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Location: Guelph, ON, Canada

No more nervousness! I think I will really start to enjoy my time at Uni... Meeting so many interesting people from everywhere... Talked with the lovely Bulgarian lady today, but she is in a more advanced course, but she thinks it might be too hard for her...

Lessons are 1.5h, there's 2 a day, with a half hour break between them. Maybe because I'm young, but I find it a bit hard to pay constant attention for that lengh of time straight... Ah well! Means time to exchange weird faces with the Ukranian guy (I know his name, but am not even going to attempt to spell it...) Took the bus to the train station with him today... Rather funny having a conversation with someone, when neither of you know a language that the other one knows.. It's a crazy mash between english and german. But I like him, he's really nice. And cute. But I didn't say it.... *whistles innocently*

One of my profs found out today that I was 16, and started going on about how it was amazing that I was in uni at this age, and seems to think that by 21 I'll be a doctor, or something. But I told her I was an exchange student in a Gymnasium, and only in Uni for the one course. (A Gymnasium is the highest form of highschool... the most challenging, etc.)

Missed my train three times trying to get home though... Second day they changed the platform, only this time didnt say anything ._.

~ Bobo

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