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Posted:Where can I get one?!?!?!?!


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Posted:Hello - My name is Durbs, there are some that call me "That annoying git who tells everyone on the boards to search for something before posting a thread about it"

Odd that - but bascially, click on "Search" up top (or "Durbs" in my signature) and search for "Fire Sword" in "Other toys".

It has been discussed maaaaaaany times before.

The shorter answer is Bearclaw smile

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Posted:this sort of sounds like an AA introduction, Durbs. Perhaps you should start a virtual meeting group for people with a cronic problem invoving a desperate urge to tell people to do a search? It could be very therapudic for everyone I think wink

But yeah, unfortunaely whitehawk, the first lesson for every newbie (which a few of us old timers still really haven't adapted to) is to try and do a serious search before posting about something that there is even an off chance might have been discussed before. The idea being it is better to contribute to an existing thread than make things on one topic scattered around lots and lots of smaller threads.

BTW, welcome to HoP. wavehello


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Posted:On the up side.... you got it in the right forum. biggrin

play safe

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This guy has some of the coolest looking fireswords..they look good even when they're not lit up. Hope this helps!

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Posted:personally, i have one, which i made from an "el- cheapo" pakistani ninja short sword. i drilled 11 holes along the blade's length, and folded 2 layers of 2-inch wide by 1/8" thick firetape over the spine lengthwise. i ran bailing wire directly through the blade via the holes, using an individual piece for each hole. i then widened out the scabbard by splitting it and inserting shims to increase its capacity and accomodate the wicking. total cost: sword: $25. wicking: $1.79 a foot, aprox. 3 feet used. drill bit: 30 cents. borrowed use of drill press, free, but loud. bailing wire: negligible. patience: a bit more than i was willing to pay for. the total, being a really inexpensive firetoy, derived from a blade you're already familiar with: darned near priceless.

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