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not with cactus
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Posted:right said fred. some videos for you:

25/9/05 - Orbit has very kindly uploaded all of these videos to a server from where they are downloadable. many thanks to him for doing so

26/05/06 - videos working again, thanks hyperlight and fni for uploading them onto servers this time hug

hug from oli and ros. right click and download to save them,

stix n sox - this is an old one, filmed back in march. features oli walking round a sock, a tree, and russel being silly (7:44, 52mb (for now..))

not a sock in sight - features 3 minutes of oli spinning fire, too fast. i wanted to not do any editing to this, but ended up editing out one bit where i got sketchy in a tangle, this ruins the flow a bit. this video uses the tried and tested formula, fire poi + trance = video, so dont expect anything original. (3:06, 8.4mb)

at the bottom of a cliff - oli spinning socks. if this looks a) messy b) out of control c)like the sketchyest poi ever, then thats because it is. theres some cool bits amongst the maddness though. my excuse for the general ragedness of it, is the wind wink. also some bits are out of focus, becuase when i started filming the sun was out but it promptly went in and it got a bit dark for autofocus. look out for floppy sock. i have one major criticism of this video (aside from it being messy) but im not going to tell you what it is because im not sure how obvious it is. things i learnt making this video: staying upright on pebbles is hard. anyway i hope you have as much fun watching this as i did making it. (8:36, 25mb) ubbloco

the taste of lyme - quick film featuring ninja dave (1:10, 3mb)

strange things happen - this was nearly 'zest of lyme' but daves too slack. this is apparently the first online film appearance of ros (fluffy naplam fairy), she spins poi (and sticks) properly and it rocks smile its quite long because choosing which bits you dont want is hard, so sorry about that. its got some nice views at funny angles in it too, next time the world wont look like its flowing off one side of the shot, i promise. cool (9:00, 24mb)

dinosaurs ate my circles - features a small white fluffy dinosaur and ros and oli doing some tricks with poi in the suuuunnnn biggrin. (8:13, 40mb) or smaller more compressed flash version - made very kindly by matt on www.spherculism.com.

sending signals to spaceships - the video that was then wasnt and now is. ros and oli flag down some passing aliens and teach them how to spin. if anyone knows the music please tell me.

remember: criticism is cool ubbrollsmile and its nice when the sun comes out sunny


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Posted:yay, the geekops hosted vids are back, got them all at 50kps.

awesome, I need some better sox.....

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the 1337 poier
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Posted:the website is not working frown anything i need to change?

ive got a fuzzbox and im not afraid to use it
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Posted:geekops is sadly not always up as it sucks gaming bandwidth for it's owner on the same pipeline, but it is up most of the time..

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professional loser
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Posted:read the thread about 2 down from here about NEED A PLACE TO HOST VIDEOS?

im offering FREE BANDWIDTH so you can leave your game-server running without worry of slowing anybody down or heaven forbid, going down completely!!


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