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Axis Mundi


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Posted:Hello smile My name is Jason Miller. My musical arist moniker is "Axis Mundi". I live in Nashville, TN. I'm the main organizer of a small group of electronic music producers and other creative people. We are planning to throw Nashville's first all psychedelic trance event and we are bringing DJs live PA talent, and the coolest flouro deco art ever from Mississippi to North Carolina. We're seeking a group of Poi performers (or some other thratrical performance art troupe) in the region who would be willing to travel to Nashville to do a performance at our show. Nashville has never seen a party like this and it will redefine the stereotyp of "trance music" in the area. Expect music from Juno Reactor to Man With No Name to Hallucinogen and Infected Mushroom, and beyond. We are defintiely willing to negotiate your compensation, travel costs, etc. Please help us support a fledgling scene! smile Please contact me ASAP in teh following ways below, and THANK YOU! smile

Psychedelically Yours,

Jason Miller AKA Axis Mundi

Ohmbience Studios, Nashville, TN

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Axis Mundi


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Posted:I'm sorry, I just realized I posted this in the wrong forum! Could a Moderator PLEASE move it for me? Thanks! smile


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Posted:axis is my roommate... we should have access to about 5 Nashville spinners and will be trying to recruit more from the SE region as the holidays approach. the venue has a fenced in outdoor patio area where you can still hear the music from inside somewhat, or you can bring your own skins.

This town is supposed to be the most musically open in the region, but until parties like this become more regular, there's a big gap to be filled on the fringes... if anyone from the area can make it down, please do. Let Axis know if you have any questions. wink

-- dut


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