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hello fire persons, i wonder if any of you may be of assistance to me, i am in the process of making a fire wheel, and the problem im having is how to fix the kevlar strips to the spokes,?? any ideas out there. thank you all so very much
Dr. F

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Doc F
you silly twiglet, I'll be home next week and making a new one for myself as well as posting instructions on this forum! wink

Short anwer is: determine the East West North South points on the wheel. These must be spaced at 90 degrees from each other around the wheel.
Exact placement of the wick is determined by locating those pairs of spokes wich appear to cross.

Wick, when wrapped around the narrowest point betwee those two spokes can move neither up nor down as this would require the wick to unwrap.

The wick bundle will now have a somewhat elliptical cross-section.
Shove tough steel wire through the bundle and wrap around for a couple of turns. Twist to ensure wire is secure and "hook" over top and into center of bundle.

Wick is now secure, repeat at other three points around rim.

And yes, that was the short answer.
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heya! I know I'm taking a very old thread back up, but I found it via search. I'm making a fire wheel myself, but the difference is that my wick will consist of a long burning rope, positioned in the place where the tire used to be. has this been done before that anybody here knows?

I think it's fun to play with, and done it a lot allready, but do you have any tips for tricks?

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Thought about doing the fire round the rim at first but decided against it.
the reason for this is that the fire will look just like a big ring , whether you are spinning or not.

When you have the fire at the compass points you can first show the crowd the wheel stationary, then show how much energy you are pumping into the toy by using big arm movements to spin it up to speed.

the compass arrangement also creates a fantastic effect if you ar doing a photo shoot, it looks like you are doing a whole load of compound circles or "flowers" as you move your arm around in a circle.

By putting the wick in a ring and spinning the wheel you will still get the gyroscopic effect and be able to do all the balancing tricks (on your head /hand/foot whatever) but you will loose the best effect in my opinion.

some cool tricks are to balance it on your head and spin your body round in a circle, balance the wheel flat on your toes then kick it up into the air and catch it on the palm of your hand, or simply to throw the wheel straight up in the vertical, spin around and catch again.

Other tricks include passing the wheel from person to person along the floor, throwing to the ground with backspin for a return or the real showstopper:

MOUTH TO MOUTH FIRE WHEEL PASSING!!!! (watch out for your teeth)


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I believe there is a clip of such a thing in mister Strugz's gallery biggrin

Hurrah Martin!!


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