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I sat down last night to watch COL5 and have made some notes on each performance. If you performed on COL5 and want my constructive criticism, let me know and I'll tell you my thoughts, either on this thread or via PM - you choose.

My overall impressions -

Fantastic to see the young ones giving it a go! I think enouragement awards should go to both fire fairy and hannah. I was particularly impressed by hannah - way to groove baby! Fire fairy had a great flowers and a nice TTN. Good stuff smile

I was a little disappointed by people's lack of effort in terms of presentation. I think that if you're entering a video for international viewing, a bit more thought should be put into location of filming and costuming - shorts/ trousers and tshirt really takes away from the performance when viewed on film. So does a crappy location (like infront of a fence or surrounded by uncut grass). But, that's just my opinion. I loved Yayoi & Brother and Son - beautiful backdrops used for awesome and fluid twirling.

What on earth is going on in the UK?! You lot are crazy technical! Personally, I found that the technicality was often at the expense of fluidity of movement, but again that is my bias coming into play. I personally like a dancey fluid style of Fire Twirling as opposed to a 7 beat shoulder wrap with a BTB horizontal buzz-saw.... but hey, I'm old school.

I'd also like to say that if you're doing any sort of acro (as simple as getting onto ground and getting back up again) - please perfect it before you incorporate it into a routine. Also consider the timing of your acro - doing a bend-back or horse-stance style squat is pointless unless you can hold it for longer than a second and do something good with your Fire Toys whilst holding the pose.

Same for synchro moves - simplicity is the key here, and if you haveb't got it down 98 - 100%, practise more before incorporating into a routine. And, if you're doing synchro moves, then breaking off into some freestyle moves make it obvious. Otherwise it looks as though 1 person is trying to maintain the synchro routine whilst the other person has turned around and is stealing the show!

I liked the way Fire Trinity had 2 background people doing simple yet effective moves whilst in the foreground the performer was showcasing. Effective and balanced use of space and performers.

2bags is the craziest individual I have ever seen - foot staff!? wow!

Jools was great - quirky, cute, technical yet funky. Nice one.

I got plenty more notes on everyone (both positive and constructive) - let me know if you want my humble opinion!

Overall, it's a great teaching aid and will inspire most individuals to learn more and practise more.

I'd really like to see a more professional approach in the next COL though. Costumes and venues please people!!

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Posted:well i saw most of it. is it me or did the little girl have the most riveting stage presence? what was she looking at? it'll keep me awake for a few days...

i agree with the verdict. technically B&S stood out, very clean. could be world class in no time. i want him on my team in the poilympics.

RHD came in third, i'm sure that was a tuff decision... (though that doesn't mean that i don't have a little crush on jools, and i thought she was the best dancer overall- some more tech training and she'd take over... ever consider studying middle eastern dance, cutie? ubblove and it seems we have mutual friends, the palenque kids) i think with some more physical presentation they could be even better too, i kept waiting to see some regular staff moves, or choreography, mixed in, and only until the very last half second of the vid was there any, that framing move with the staffs... that was the moment that felt like a winner. it seemed like they were cramming all the cool tricks they could onto the vid, when i'd have liked to see those tricks with some more of the presentation choreography/booty shakin inbetween. still jaw dropping tho.

bender, you're a nut and i still can't wait to hang out someday. you're an inspiration, i want you on my poilympics team too. you will really stand out and inspire many in your lifetime, stay amazing (or else).

special commendation to 2bags for a most enjoyable laugh out loud time, way too funny.

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