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Election day in the US.

7 days.

Like it or not.

Storm's a comin'. Get ready for a lawsuit filled election won by Mr. Bush. Hey, don't blame me, most of you all aren't voting against him.

That's my prediction, you heard it here first.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]

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they are in Seattle, there were protests last weekend, but they were more anti war than protesting the elections, but there are more events planned.

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Written by: Dio

Written by: shadow steppin

Link #1:
"there were no signs of other errors in Ohio's electronic machines... Franklin is the only Ohio county to use Danaher Controls Inc.'s ELECTronic 1242, an older-style touchscreen voting system."

Sounds like some small errors that were a) caught as early as possible, b) addressed as best they could be, and c) had no effect on the outcome of the election.

Link #2:
"the official votes very likely includes absentee ballots, of which I heard (although I can't back up at the moment) that there were a large number for Florida, on the order of 1 million +. Voter turnout would likely just be the actual number of people who showed up at polling places on election day."

Livejournal hardly counts as objective factual journalism. This one self-debunked.

Link #3:
"You must already have registered for an account before you can log in.

I can't tell if you're saying the election was rigged, or that those who say so are making inaccurate statements. As far as I have seen among the various news sources, this election was carried out in a very effective manner that leaves little doubt as to the validity of the results. Not being Pro-Bush or Pro-Kerry here (independent voter), just saying I haven't found much to convince me there's a conspiracy afoot - just lots of opinions, theory, and idealogy. smile

i realize that those were not the most credible sources however it was only a few days after the election and speculation was starting. this is not a common thing in my country but has been brought up in both elections now with george bush. if that wasnt convinceing enough check out this stuff. theres is no doubt in my mind there is schemeing going on but your free to think what you want.

* Election
Discovered errors that resulted in incorrect votes all favor Bush. Many of them were on Diebold or ES&S machines, two companies that have contributed heavily to the Bush campaign.

1) FLORIDA: Dozens of counties where Democrats significantly outnumber Republicans saw 200% to 712% increase in Republican votes, 40% to 80% decrease in Democrat votes.

See this chart...
...and this graph...
taking note counties like Calhoun, Dixie, Franklin, Hamilton, Liberty
(data from official state vote results, registration records)

OR Read an analysis of these numbers and how easy it is to hack the counting computers:

OR Watch a video showing how it's done:

2) FLORIDA: In at least 12 counties, votes for president outnumbered total voters. Visit this site which is tracking stories from around the country, complete with data charts:
(skip the confusing graphs, just read the stories and links)

3) FLORIDA: Political science grad students observers report widespread election fraud, disenfranchisement

4) Palm Beach Co., FL: 88,000 more presidential votes than voters
(Washington Dispatch)

5) Gahanna, OH: 4,258 e-votes for Bush from only 638 voters

6) Warren, OH: Ballots counted without observers, behind closed doors. Officials cite fear of "terrorism"
(Cincinnati Enquirer)

7) Parma, OH: 94% turnout, but 40% don't vote for president
(County records chart - big file)

8) NORTH CAROLINA: 4,530 e-votes permanently lost
(Charlotte Observer)

9) Sharon, PA: 51,818 ballots cast but only 47,768 recorded for president
(The Vindicator)

10) Graph shows exit-polling inaccurate only in e-voting areas

11) Details of Freedom of Information requests for computer vote-count records

12) House members demand GAO investigation,2645,

13) Analysis of how "spoiled" ballots helped sway the election
(Greg Palast)

14) Analysis of how "spoiled" ballots helped sway the election
(Greg Palast)

* Pre-Election
Who gets to vote with Florida's missing 58,000 absentee ballots (which officials can't void or keep track of) and the 76,000 that have been resent? What are Republican plans for the secret list of 1,886 black voters leaked from Bush campaign HQ in FL?

1) 58,000 absentee ballots "missing" in Florida

2) 76,000 absentee ballots being resent

3) The list: "The only possible reason why they would keep such a thing is to challenge voters on election day."
(BBC/Greg Palast)

4) "My fear is that this outdated provision in Florida may not be properly applied and [will] prevent legal voters from voting."
(Institute for Public Accuracy)

* Corruption * EXPOS
Nebraska Republican Chuck Hagel headed ES&S (supplier of half the voting machines in the US) before going into politics and winning by unheard-of margins on ES&S machines with no paper trail (the only kind used in Nebraska).

* More Hagel investigation:
(The Hill)

there hows that?

sorry bout the long post ubbrollsmile

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No probs, thanks for the info...

Would you consider writing it up a little bit and emailing it to all your local and national newspapers, and ask for a confirmation of receipt and/or reply?!

If they don't get back to you, phone them. Ask to speak to the editor (always helps if you have their name first), and if you can't speak to them, ask to speak to the chief news reporter... don't tell the person who answers the phone exactly what you want until you're speaking to the right person.

The more people who pester their local press with facts the more chance it has of getting printed.

I know it seems like a lot of work... but it's the only way to get things done.

Good luck


Getting to the other side smile

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