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Posted:aright all basicly im trying to think up unusual fire toys i've made afew but im running abit short of ideas now so anyone got any ideas?

heres what i've done so far
fire Nunchuku
fire 3 sectioned staff
wire wool 3 sectioned staff
fire frizby

fire swords
fire dart
not realy all that unusal but unusal enough smile

any one think of any other toys i could build? otherwise i might have to do some proper work!! biggrin

My nunchucks vital statictics biggrin

weight: 500g
handle lenght: 16 inches
chain length: 2 inches

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Posted:use the wick thread to make a pom-pom. it works really well as a fire-hacky-sac.

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Posted:2Bags wanted a skateboard with flaming wheels.......

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