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Posted:hello all ... im doin a project in Web Page Design ... where we make own websites .. aaand im makin 1 on poi dancing .. gunna be kewl .. i hope ... but yeah uhhh ... im wondering if ne1 could hook me up with some random poi info on like tricks n stuff or just ideas for the site or even pix.. any help will be greatly apreaciated .. um yeah .. thx .. peace

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Posted:explore this site - particularly the articles and theres heaps of info and links to other sites with more info.

the gallery has lots of pictures, but make sure you ask the person before you their picture [send them a PM]

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Posted:In this site they have a section where their teach your basics moves, i would say that most information you will find in this site.




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Posted:ask bender for a hand if need be . he's great with all sorts of things like that !

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Posted:thx alot ^_^ ...



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Posted:whoo me think ellipses' are youre best friend!
liek everybody else said - have a look around! we're all friendly and loverly, and even the grumpy ones will lend a hand wink
Was in the same predicament a few moths back, lots of people helped me with my site.

Aimz xx


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Posted:and the one most important lesson i learnt in web design is less is more.
give em some margins for their eyes to relax, cuz clutter causes ulcers biggrin

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Posted:...and don't use red text on a blackground, cos then genetic mutants such as myself (red-green colourblind) have real trouble reading it.

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Posted:Have a look here for moves as well.

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