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Posted:Well, it's 3:50pm and I've only just gotten up!

It's been a MASSIVE few days for me! Wednesday was "Muck-Up Day" (thankyou for all your wonderful ideas, we did some but not others due to a tight-arse principal!) and Tuesday night I got an hour and a half sleep at a friends house before getting to school at 5am Wed to be on my feet for 8.5 hours!

I had a ball on Muck-Up Day dressed as a hippy protesting against everyong who had come in army uniform! Mostly, my costume was a hit! Some of the students who don't usually talk to me came up to me asking for photos cos they said the theme was complete with a protesting hippy! (the theme was military camp) I was carrying a sign saying "bombing for peace is like f***ing for virginity" and on the other side "no draft" (I was initially a draft dodger and was going to get "drafted" during the day - but i was having too much fun protesting!!!)
One girl took my protesting personally, and apparently she was completely bad-mouthing me in one of her classes. I think it was cos i was being an individual or something. pfft to her!

Muck-Up day night I had to cox mum's rowing crew! It was SO funny! i couldn't steer straight and I kept prattling on into the microphone! ubblol

Graduation was fantastic! I got to sing infront of my entire school - the only time I had done that before I was singing in Hungarian so if I made a mistake no-one would have cared so i was SO nervous! But I had an absolute ball singing! mum said you could feel the electricity with the friend i was singing with when we did a bit of by-play on stage!
The ceremony part was as you can imagine, boring, and they didn't mention i was going to romania! but they DID mention me going to nationals in rowing which i wasnt sure that they'd mention. the occasional address speaker was SO boring! (but whats new eh?)

Afterwards, me and some friends and our parents went for lunch for 3 hours! that was stacks of fun too!

But the dinner was just awesome! I wore a 1930s black and pink dress and i felt (and looked apparently!) like Audrey Hepburn with my hair pinned back and everything! mum asked me if i had seen the add on TV where the woman dresses up and you see the look on her ex-boyfriend's face...cos she said it was just like that for my ex when I walked in the room! @#$%ing SWEET!!!!! *evil cackle*
I danced with a teacher who has a reputation for being really strict (ive always liked him, but most kids dont) and that was great! cos all the students around stood in a cirlce cheering! i think they thought it was pretty cool someone got this teacher to dance let alone smile!

After grad i went out with most of the overs and the younger teachers! i stuck with my friend glenn most of the time cos when i got out i feel safer hanging off a guy cos then sleezes think you're attatched. Came home at 3:15.

And that's it in a nutshell but I just wanted to share the last few days with everyone cos I have had such a FANTASTIC time!!!

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Posted:no matter what number comes in the envelope - it will neither make you or break you unless you let it.

Theres waaaaay too much pressure on kids to do well in yr12 and its crazy IMHO.

Tis great to be finished hey? My littlest sister just finished yr 12 too.



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