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Posted:Hi all, this is part of an e-mail i got sent to me today, i have protested against this 'rap satr' before and am due to again i think it is awful that he is even aloud to perform anything of this nature. what are your views? will you be joining 'QueerAction'?

'coming up soon, MK plays host to another 'murder-music' singer!
At a concert in Chicago in April 2002 Sizzla told the audience: I kill sodomites and queers, they bring AIDS and disease upon peopleshoot and kill them.

many of his songs promote shooting, burning and generally not being nice to queer people! :o(

A new yahoo group has been set up! Please visit "Queer Action":

it's assumed that people joining this group will be wanting to get involved in action & lobbying - ie. not really a place to discuss the merits/pitfalls of demos or direct action.'

There will be a protest staged on the 3rd of november at the empire night club in milton keynes. if anyone would like more info feel free to call/text me on- 07952410596, or mail me at

thanks for taking the time to read this.

L x

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bairie fen

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Posted:and remember sir sizzla has to be anti gay in his section of dancehall or else all his mates would laugh at him !

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Tao Star

Tao Star

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Posted:Denny, whilst i agree with everything you have just said, there's another side to the freedom of speech coin and that is that censoring one person, no matter how right that decision may be, sets a precedent for censoring anyone else.

if we decide his lyrics are offensive, maybe someone else with a completely different point of view will decide that someone's political or religious lyrics are offensive. and once it has been ok for us to censor one person, how can we say it's not ok for someone else to do it?

this is the point where freedom of sppech becomes so important, because your right to censor someone = their right to censor you.

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Posted:Good post Denny; people are like sheep and very easily led, especially in large groups.

Tao Star, it's already the case that some things are censored,so it's not like this would set a precedent. Isn't it more about positioning a line that determines what is acceptable?

In which case, many may feel that actively promoting violence to large mobs of people falls on the wrong side of that line.

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Zyanya Bella
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Posted:I don't really ifnd that it is censorship quite so much in shutting this man up. If one of his fans actually took up his directive to kill homosexuals than he would in fact be responsible for that murder. If I walk up to a guy on the street and tell him that he should go kill a gay man and he actually does I could be booked on Accessory to commit murder, Conspiracy to Commit Murder, if not flat out Murder 1 for indifference to human life. Just because he gets up on a stage in front of a mircrophone and spits it to music doesn't make it any better. The right to free speech is protected, as it should be.When such speech could or does incite violence or any sort of harm on another human being regardless of race, religion, or sexuality than it should no longer be protected under any law, morally or ethically speaking. Sure I believe everyone should have the right to voice thier opinion. If you hate homosexuals feel free to voice that. However, no person has the right to call for or actually take the life of another, no matter what his opinion. That should never be protected. I find in quieting people like this we are not losing any freedom but instead we are gaining it. We are earning the right to walk free without fear that some bigot is out there inciting the world to kill us because he doesn't like the choices we've made. angelblue I shall now step down off my soap box.

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Posted:I take the utilitarian view (I think that's what it's called anyway). It gives this guy pleasure/ publicity to tell people to kill gay people. But it causes trouble/distress for the whole gay community.
One man's earnings/ opinions versus millions- I wonder which one is more important. Oh yeah and don't try and tell me he has more fans than there are gays. Anyways I'm sure they can live without his lyrics anyway.
Just to play devil's advocate, if someone goes out and kills someone else, they are probably unbalanced enough to do it anyway. The main point is this man is providing a specific target which is not good.

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bairie fen

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Posted:you will never quieten this voice ! after sizzla will be ward 21 after them elephantman after him bounty killer after him sean paul, even the mighty beanie man who has been cussed by the whole tough dance hall scene for going on tv with ru paul and wears make up, is still making anti gay music ! This may necer end !! I am bi sexual and listen to all forms of reggae pretty much all day, now in the days before i understood patwah and was just groovin along with the beat i ended up with quite a few of these anti gay tracks in my collection, they make me laugh ! I feel secure enough in myself to know that the entire anti gay regga scene can not touch me, i know that globaly these people are being laughed at, even by artists that they respect and praise, the grandfathers of reggae as it were and I know that they will eventually fall foul of theire malice. Too true if i go to trench town with mascara and high heels on i stand every chance of being hurt badly, however if i were to do the same on the other side of the island i would be greeted with no more than smiles ! in london if i go to hackney and act like a white middle class prick I'm probably gonna get robbed and stabbed, if I do the same in richmond I would probably have quite a good night !
I don't deliberatly buy anti gay tunes, but they do turn up on compilations,I don't throw the cd in the bin do i ? these artist tunes which are not about killing people, because remember they don't like babylon either, can be really awesome and uplifting, and they are far outweighed anyway by the positive musicians out there who are working to make a difference in this world, even if they have less fans and money the message is louder and far deeper felt than shallo pretences towards murder and evil !
xxxx luv u all especially all u pretty boys !

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Posted:wheee! the "gay-basher" has been banned from coming into england. Im glad. Although I mostly dislike censorship, anything that incites prejudice, hatred and violence towards anybody is bad. With minor exceptions.

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Posted:There is a thing called incitement, and it's illegal even in this country. You're not allowed to TRY to get people to do violence against other people. It's one of the limits on free speech.

I don't know about the specific case, but if he gets arrested and it goes to trial, the jury would decide his intent, and whether the words themselves constitute incitement.

Or so I understand. IANAL.

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