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There come a time in every fire spinners life
or so i have read
Where they hit a wall of strife

The only way to expand the repetoir
is to read every HOP thread
and every pro spinners memoir

do everything behind your head or add a beat
do it in reverse they said
or do it with your feet

Watch videos for inspiration
Battle to see the jargon in your head
find a move that give you motivation

I am tired of bloody rhyming
my poi feel like lead
i just cant the the 6beat ttn timing!


I didnt plan to punch out a poem.I just wanted to share my frustration coz i cant seem to find a new move and i have been reading threads till my face hurts.
Thank you. ubbloco

Spinning makes my world go round

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Alfred i feel the same way. been reading every post i can for the last 2 weeks, and just now learned a new move, not perfected just learned........hug i feel your pain

You can't avoid pain by fencing yourself from it.
Some times you need the help of others more than anything else
But you have to let them close enough to help......
People want to be needed, I found that out too

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I've found a great way to get new moves is put on some music that you don't normally listen to...

somehow it breaks out the creativity in a different direction... (for me anyway).

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AlfredSILVER Member
Altyd Brandend
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Location: Orange County, California, USA

Thank you That sounds like a really good idea.Ill try that out and hopefully my next post will be in the "official HOP i just learnt a new trick" thread.

Spinning makes my world go round

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