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How do you change this thing???
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Posted:Pen licence...eek

Remember beinging in school and you teacher saying, you can now write in pen. You may have been given something to show you could now write in pen and no longer pencil... or crayon in my case... redface

So does anybody remember this??? biggrin

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Posted:Don't remember this happening but then I never learnt to read anywho! smile

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Lillie Frog

Lillie Frog

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Posted:I've tried getting a big feather, (sometimes you find them on beaches etc.) And cut the end into a point and wrote with that.
It's qk once you get the hang of it, and fun, in an odd sort of way.
Also, I got pointed at at school cos Iheld my pen in a strange way. Still do. It rests on my ring finger and I sort of curl the larger fingers and the thumb around the pen. I have a big lump on my finger where it rests.
My writing can be very untidy so I wouldn't recomend my method to anyone else.

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Mags The Jedi
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Mags The Jedi

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Posted:I don't remember a change over from pencil to pen. I do vaguely remember having to use fountain pens instead of biros. Very odd. My teachers fecked me over anyway. When i started school (aged 4) I could already read. In fact, (you'll have to check with Rosie Marie) I think my reading age at age 4 was around that of a 16 year old. So i was almost instantly moved up a year into class 2, and I remained in a class with kids a whole year older than me until I changed schools (on the original schools advice, after they realised how badly they'd mucked up) and it then felt like I was kept down a year. As a result I never learned handwriting (the other thing they do in class one as well as reading and counting) and to this day writing with a pen for longer than 5 minutes really really hurts. Pencils are better, and keyboards win.

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Wild Child

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Posted:I have one of those lumps and my writings pants too - thought it was just cos I'm cack handed - are you?

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Posted:Yeah, I remember.... we got some form of certificate.

I miss childhood.

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Posted:i have a big lump on my ring finger too. i cant use pens with liek ridges that 'help you grip' cos they dig in and hurt the lump.
My Englsih teacher was telling me the other day that I don't write properly. Aparently your not supposed to move your fingers when you write - just your wrist. how?!


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