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Posted:Copied from a post I posted in the "isolation move things" thread

I'm starting to get what I'd like to call "Hyperlations'". By getting a hyperloop on my LHS and bringing the loop to the center so I'm doing a hyperloop buzzsaw. Just when the left poi is almost equal to my left hand and my right poi is almost equal to my right hand, I begin an isolation. You can continue this link for as long as you see fit, as the chain stays at the same point. To get out I just slow down the isolation movements, speeding up the hyperloop and then bringing it out on my RHS... biggrin

Thoughts anyone??? ubbrollsmile

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Posted:yeah i got a thought. how wierd is it that i was doing this move earlier, for the first time in ages?

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Posted:Ques X-file music eek

Yea you can keep it to infinity and beyond.

Do I remember Dom saying something about isolating the other way because it's silly? Maybe that was something else?

thats all I can think of shrug

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Posted:these are sweet, been practicing them recently.

Still trying to ge the isolation forward then isolate it round to a backwards buzzsaw isolation then bring it into a backwards hyperloop. And moving your hand oppostie to the way the poi is spinning looks surreal, much much fun.


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Posted:Wait, what's a hyperloop? And a buzzsaw? Wait, hyperbuzzsawloop? iso-what? opposite? huh? surreal? dead babies? ted kennedy? X-who?

I mean... yeah, cool move.


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Posted:millenium - umm ubblol
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