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Posted:Having just half read the Sex Education Thread I started thinking about Home Education and how people who have been home educated fit in with school educated people.

Were you home educated? What are your views on it? Would you want to home educate your kids?

This is the same as home schooling for all you Americans / people who call it that.

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Posted:and still I'm sorry to say I find you wrong. You have no right to hold others to any standard. I'm educated and I choose to be but you can't demand that anybody learn anything. You have no right to decide what level of education a person should have. What about people who can't learn because of a disability? Do you have the right to demand that they too learn all these things? Just because you hold yourself to a certain educational standard does not give you the right to look down on another human being. You must take into account circumstance and ability, something it is impossible for a public school system to do.

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Posted:in australia, i know of more home-schooled kids with wierd alternative wierd hippy parents than bible thumpin folks.

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Posted:Written by: onewheeldave

Written by: ...Lightning...

1) Read

2) Demonstrate a basic understanding of the American political system.

3) Have an understanding of basic science (i.e. why viruses can't be treated with antibiotics, or why mixing bleach and ammonia is a bad idea).

4) Do addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, basic tric, and have an understanding of basic statistics (the latter being

conspicuously absent in american high school curricula).

I find this mildy offensive as a person who has struggled in a inflexible public school system to accomplish item 1 and 4.

I can now read fairly well and enjoy doing so. Although I never figured out untill grade 5 what was going wrong with my attempts to read and I figured it out largely independently of the school system (I pretty much accepted it as fact I would never be able to read and completly withdrew from their help)

I still can't do the things in item 4, despite the fact I obtained the required maths credits (2 academic high school level maths credits)

so, if you lived in america am I on your censored list? Because you pay taxes and expect me to do these things?

Home schooling would have helped me tremeoundly. Hell the only reason I know a lot of the academic things I do is because of my mother.

Oh yeah my hand writeing is extreamly difficult to read unless I spend a great deal of time/effort. so is my cursive.

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Posted:Guess what? I'm learning disabled, too. I have dysgraphia. I've learned that nothing is insurmountable. Not dysgraphia, not ADHD, not ankylosing spondylitis, three problems I have.

Barring a learning disability, I see nothing unreasonable about asking these basic standards of a high school education. I believe society DOES have a right to make sure that people aren't messing up their kids by not teaching them anything.

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Posted:Doesn't society also have the right to circumnavigate the system when the system is flawed?


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