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Posted:The last few weeks have been crap. I think you'll agree that the only worse thing than having to drag urself off to work, is dragging yourself off to find work every morning, argh. Do they purposely make the job center the grimest place on earth hoping you'll find a job quicker?

Aaaanyway i'll get to the point, today whilst in the changing rooms of oxfam a random guy rang me to tell i'd won two guestlist places at the Que Club in Birmingham tomoz night, my favourite club. Woohoo! THEN being overheard with a mate in the queue at the coffee shop a woman from toni and guy offered me a free haircut Then to top it off i got home and someone rang me to come for an interview for a cute little gift shop, perfect summer job, ahhh i just love these beautiful little moments. Has anyone else ever had one of these days where you start to feel a bit invincible hehehe Maybe todays a good day to try with the fire poi... wish me luck!

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Posted:job centres are the pits

when i first became unemployed they tried to get me a job at a butchers (not good as i'm a veggie)
i told them it was against my principles

then this monday they tried to get me an interview for a driving job...delivering meat i explained to the jordack behind the desk that i;m a vegetarian and she said, get this "you dont have to eat the meat just deliver it"

but today has been a good day my band is being interveiwed on the radio in the morning and we will be broadcast live from the sharrow festival
so today has been a good day oh and we got our tb303 back from being modified

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