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Posted:this is just a quick not to say i am holding a party on the 30th of October. its fancy dress and you are all invited. if you are interested PM me for the details.
i could put them on here if requested and children are invited we have goodie bags, pin the nose on the witch, ghost hunts, bobbing for balloons and when it starts to get late they will have books, a nice soft place to sit and colour in or read. oh and not forgetting the pumpkin pinayta ?chuff knows how to spell it but its one of those things that you hit till goodies come out.
food of cause is also in the mix including veggie stuff and vegan things do. i also make sure the vegan stuff is done and stored away from the meat. i also plan to buy a couple disposable cameras around the place so that people can take pics, leave them at the end of the night and see what i get. *Sings "Come Poi with me, lets Poi lets Poi away"
its ok if you can't esp as there are other things going on i just though i would ask

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