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Posted:I did as thorough a search as I could, but I couldn't find answers to this specific problem.

OK... I'll try typing this again. I get the extra beat. I get the poi to come across the front of my body. But the poi that's done the extra beat tries to cross underneath (inside) the arm on the side I'm bringing it to, and comes into my body. I can continue, but every time I do the crossing it feels like I'm basically folding the poi in between my arm and my body.. which is so wrong.

I don't know anyone who can do a 5bt so I can't just ask.. sorry folks.

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Posted:Sounds liike a good question to me.

I think OWD had a point there a while back...

Dont be sorry dude wink

unfortunatley thats all the help I can offer.

coz i dont do poi


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Posted:It should be pretty close the movement you use in a three beat. Make a concentrated effort to quickly bring both hands across your body once the poi is down on the 4th beat (the extra one). The only way I can duplicate what you are describing is by pushing the opposite side elbow out when I bring them across. Obviously this is not what you want to do, keep both elbows down and close to your body. Remember, this move requires a good bit of wrist flexibility, you are really wrapping your wrists around each other. The more you wrap your wrists the easier it will be to pull off this move. Hope that helps.

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Posted:yeah, I guess mtbeer has it, as I can't figure out how you are getting your problem anyother way than the one theorized above, so keep that elbow in (?). My only other possible gues might be that you are waiting a beat to long to cross, but I don't think that is the case...

of course if I could see you I could tell you hat is wrong in about 1 second. I've mentioned before that we need a webcam chatroom just for this reason - but does anyone listen to me? ubbangel


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Posted:not sure if this helps, but i always think of it as:
after you twist you wrists around eachother, you use the hand thats underneath (which is: left hand going from L-R and right hand from R-L) to push the hand on top (and the poi its holding) across your body.
though you really just have to try it over and over again for about 3 hours straight (well thats how i got it anyway)




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Posted:Written by: zarkia

i always think of it as: use the hand thats underneath to push the hand on top across your body

Someone explained it to me that way at Spitz this week, and it really really helped - whereas previous perfectly good explanations hadn't. It's interesting how different descriptions of the same move will help different people to grasp how it works.

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Posted:wait until you try the reverse 5bt.... when the poi that you're trying to get to the other side of your body keeps clocking you right on the crown of your head ubblol

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Posted:5 bt is about timing.

you can pretty much screw up the 3 bt in infinite ways and still do it.

with the extra beat - the timing is critical. if - as i read it - the extra-beat poi is hitting you, your obviously bringing that corresponding hand across your body too early.

also, keep the wrist together - so they kind of wrap around each other during the extra beat. and MOST importantly - really snap your hands across your body fast, because otherwise you will hit yourself in
a) groin for forwards 5 bt
b) head for rev 5 bt.

good luck!

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Posted:Another thing to try is, because you say that you're hitting your body with the poi, shift your body out of the way and see what happens.

This is especially useful with the reverse 5 beat where, in addition to dragging the poi across, you rotate the shoulders and shift yourself away from them- but, to a lesser extent it applies to the forward 5 bear as well.

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Posted:Thanks guys! It's been a while since I got to check here, but this all sounds very useful. I think perhaps the elbow out thing, and timing the across-body move to pretty much coincide with the extra beat will sort me out. I'll let you know how I get on on monday or so when I can get on the net again!

Thanks a lot for all the help biggrin

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Posted:check it out.....i just got both 5bts down, a little trick to keep from hitting yourself is timing the rotation of your body....

i found that if you start turning to the opposite side as you start the 4th beat, you'll actually clear your body.....but the timing has to impecible, also you need to have flexible wrists....

another thing would be to lean back just a little as you turn into/away from your poi.........or get the 5bt on the side in the front/back planes and in plane breaking with iso's......kinda helped me out a little


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