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To jump straight to the important part me and my friends were threatened with a knife last night.

You may ask what act of stupidity/provoction we displayed to deserve what i view as a pretty serious and scary experience, the answer being we thought we could spin in our local park.

Turns out this is a pretty big deal to the local "crew" as they called themselves. I didn't even know there was a local crew till they we so close.

I just dont get it how can stupid groups of ideotic teenagers see fit to terroris others for no reason.

I just want to express myself via the means of fire with my friends in a public space is this so wrong?

Have any other HoPpers crossed pass with such crew/gangs in there general day to day spinning confused

By the way we all came away unnerved but unharmed, most likly because we has staffs with flames on the end. Long live fire!

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Oops, ignore this post, I just realised it was nonsense biggrin

But, you never know, that kid at your school could accidentally drop his phone and break it into smithereens ubblol
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damn i really hate it when that happens. ive had a similar thing happening here, where a guy with bright bleached dreads was on his way home from a hip-hop gig and got beaten into hospital by a bunch of f*ckin neo-nazis just for the way he looked, when the cops and the ambulamce came, the cops looked at him, saw the dreads and started searching him as the medics where trying to stop the blood gushing from his head. he was lucky that he was on his way home from a party, and not on the way there.

where i live at the moment, cops are just as bad as those ars*holes who try and mug ppl with knifes and so on. they would probably first get them and then turn at you and start giving you cr*p for being in a park and then explain that they have to search you because they suspect arson (sp?, lighting stuff on fire, u know what i mean) and then bust you for possession of whatever you have stashed on u for recreational use.......

so all i can hope for is some sort of karma to make sure those ars*holes get beaten to pulp by some crackhead turkish gang......

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the cool thing with being really skinny is that in some situations, you can say to potential muggers 'look, what will you gain by beating me senseless? you're twice my size, it wouldnt be a challenge. why waste your energy, you know you'll win' or something. and i dont smoke drugs, so even if i do get searched, it dont matter.

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the worst i have had to deal with is drunks at the beach.....damn a knife? thats extreme....

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I got harrassed by a stumpy crazed little guy in a poncho with a cap gun the other day when I was spinning. I think he thought it was a real gun, though. He was ever so stoned.

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It's all to do with stuff, comsumerism, as people have said.
Who cares how much a phone cost? It's only a phone.
All people do with them is sit on the bus and say 'I'm on the bus now...'
The worst thing about kids with knives is that if you wacked them with your staff they woukd sue you.
It's totally outrageous.

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Though then of course it don't have the label on, not that it matters to me, though Iknow it does to some.

It's all a sign of the end of days....

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Teenagers nowadays have this stupid belief that where they want to hang out is officially their property. I know a few groups like that and they suck because their only gonna lose their popularity (of what remains of it) The idea is - if you're smaller than them, weaker thsn them and have more talent, they're going to pick on you.
Tell them where to stick it if you're in a big group, but if you're on your own, just shut up and leave because they will get nasty!
From the eyes of a teenager,

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