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Flying high!
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Member Since: 5th Jul 2004
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Posted:Have a bit of a dissagreement. Was Peter Andre the singer in neighbours.

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Member Since: 17th Apr 2002
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Posted:ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol ubblol

Do you mean for the title sequence?

or just as a random

and which episode?


remembers when it was all fields round here
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Posted:Yes, he was! He was Annalise's favourite tongue

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Posted:Jennifer Batten from Michael jackson's band was in it once. She's a realy astounding guitarist. and it was a deeply odd and thoroughly random episode.

Not as random as the time that Doug Willis and Jim Robinson had magic mushrooms by mistake though


:disclaimer -I have never seen Neighbours and i don't even know what it is:

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Lillie Frog
Lillie Frog

not a stranger
Location: wales
Member Since: 31st May 2004
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Posted:Joanna Lumley was once in corrie,as Ken barlows girlfriend.

I know this is really nothing to do with anything but I'm bored, and I don't watch neighbours.

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Posted:dont feel bad. noone in australia watches neighbours either. its crap. that is all.

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HoP's Barman. Trapped aged 6 months
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Posted:i used to, but i lost faith in the world when karl and susan broke up when karl cheated, they were the perfect couple

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Member Since: 24th Aug 2004
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Posted:i gave up when that happened.. tis was a shame:(


Mumma Hen
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Posted:I looovvvveeee neighbours **hears audiable groan**

Never used to but I got sucked in!!! MUAHAHAHAH

dont know wether or not Peter Andre was in Neighbours... I thought he was in another one called Heartbreak High
I think

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Location: Brisbane
Member Since: 9th Apr 2003
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"Here kitty kitty...." - Schroedinger.


professional pedant
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Member Since: 24th Jul 2003
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Posted:an answer to the original question... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Andre
I have to admit that I still watch neighbours when I get the chance, although I don't get home in time most days. Fortunately, like most soaps, you can not watch it for months and still have a fair idea of what's going on!

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Flame Boy
Flame Boy

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Member Since: 13th Jul 2004
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Posted:Did you know Russell Crowe was in neighbours a while ago (several years ago)?

AAARRRGGGHHH!!! My giant stick broke!!! In two!!! My stick broke in two!!! ubbcrying

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