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Posted:hey what kinda cakes do you like!?!?!

i like jaffa cakes *takes one from denny* and chocolate cake *mmmmmm dribbles* ubbloco and flapjack (cake/biscuit?!?) confused

okie ive changed the thread to what sweetie yummy things do you like?!?!?

Me= anything with suger really... i love smarties. ubbangel

L x

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Posted:I just had some green & Blacks dark milk chocolate..... I wonder if thats why I tired out but still can't sleep....... It was yummy

Feed me Chocolate!!! Feed me NOW!



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Posted:I have some chocolate fudge cake in my lunchbox


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Posted:G&B White choc, of's the *only* stuff worth scoffing!


"Abashed, the Devil stood and saw how awful Goodness is"


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