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Location: Pretoria, South Africa

Let's see now: we know most of each other's ages........wouldn't the elucidation of our nicknames make for some gripping bedtime reading? ------------------*WC*


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Location: Asheville, NC

Teine is scots-gaelic for fire. go figure.
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also, since accents has been brought up, pronunciation is "chen-uh".
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life begins between the night and the light.

SpiralOolering Man
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Location: Farnborough, Hampshire

A mixture of my 'given' pagan name, a mark of respect to the woman whom initiated me, and lots of conversations on acid. Spiral, thats me, I have used sacred spiral before, but now I'm content with spiral------------------Trance the sacred spiral dance.Love and LightSpiral

I think I'd better leave this topic alone ^_^Love always,Spanky

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Location: Bentley Alberta Canada

my email is redragonx

~A Soft Rubber Bodybuilding Smurf~

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Location: York, England

well hello. now that we have the whipping boy thing straightened out.... (what would it take for me to get me own whipping boy... there's quite a character down the street...

ah don't mind me. Kyrian is sort of a made up name (a little googling this eveing prompted me to belive it has star trek relevance, but) i think it's an unconcious derivative of my friends brothers name, kieren. i love the sound of the other boys names too... cormac, rory, and brendan, gotta love the irish
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on the other hand, is brendan irish? it doesn't sound it. well, what do i know, right?

my emails area a little odder "mandmmadness" is just a play on how the letter m keeps having weird effects on my life. "spiffylitlechair" is because spiffy is a good word, litle is splet that way in my friends nickname, and i needed a random naem no one would haev, hence chair. for some reason i only use kyrian on discussion boards. oh, and my aim is different, Phoenix for the obvious reason, rising frmo teh ashes, M is for that damn letter again, 3 is one of two lucky numbers, and 18 was teh then age of a certain person, one who was most influential in teaching me not to hate anyone.

other nicknames: heffs, hefferella, stitler, crazy, random steph girl, playa, doormat.

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Dreamin is still how the strong survive

Shalom VeAhavah

New Hampshire has a point....

arsnHow do you change this thing???
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Well my little story starts from an early age so pull up a chair... you see when I was just a little taller than a grasshopper knee I got my hands on to my first ever lighter... and you see... I HAD this really cool teddy bear... and the smell of burning teddy fur can real (a) catch on fire and (b) catch the attention of your parents... boy did I have a sore a**.Then I learn't how to make the flame on a lighter grow... heeheehee... and then I found out that fly spray is highly flameable... I tell you... No flies ever came into our house again... So I guess thats how I got it... I was just a little Arsn... Or a little s*** head... which ever...

I can't hear you... I have a banana in my ear.

"You mean I'll have to use my brain?... but I use staff!!!" ~ ben-ja-men

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Location: York, England

here's another one...

altho, sadly, many of these people have left us

Keep your dream alive
Dreamin is still how the strong survive

Shalom VeAhavah

New Hampshire has a point....

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Location: leicester, england

boring, boring, boring im afraid...

i have a cat, i like cats, and i work for cat(erpillar)... ooh an' im a boy
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you can take the cat out of the jungle, but you cant take the jungle out of the cat

Raymund Phule (Fireproof)Enter a "Title" here:
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Location: San Diego California

Well I must admit I am a thief when it comes to names I have not made up any of my names. I have found a book series about Phule, but I mainly got if from a friend that played an online computer game, if he got it from the books I will never know. Raymund is a name from some guy dun know dun care I just liked it.

Some Jarhead last night: "this dumb a$$ thinks hes fireproof"

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Location: Salem, Oregon USA

I had someone explain to me once at a rave (while they were on acid) that I was the only thing/person in the room that was leaving tracers for them. I dunno, kinda stuck I guess.


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splerphBRONZE Member
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Location: Perth Australia

My name is made up. I made it up about 5 years ago when I was at uni and started going on line.

I had a girly name to start with and got sick of the responses I got to it. So I made up a name which was unisex (I thought) and Splerph stuck with me ever since.

Everyone asks what it means, I think because its made up you can give it can mean whatever you want it to. (unless its mean and horrible about me coz that'll make me cry)

Smile and the whole world smiles with you

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my name means lightning/storm in japanese. i'm crazy and i can control the weather with my superpowers. plus i grew up in the lightning capital of the world. plus i have a connection with the buddhist concept of lightning. plus i have strange electromagnetic phenomenon going on, like lights going out in the hospital when i popped out. plus i'm weird.

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-Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty.
-When the center of the storm does not move, you are in its path.

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My name was not from top gun as many presume but in fact something much sadder

When I was eight I played a computer game called Gunship and I had to pick one of the nicknames from the game and Maverick was one of them. Unfortunatly It has stuck.

Damb U tom cruise


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The answer is never the answer. What's really interesting is the mystery. If you seek the mystery instead of the answer, you'll always be seeking. I've never seen anybody really find the answer-- they think they have, so they stop thinking. But the job is to seek mystery, evoke mystery, plant a garden in which strange plants grow and mysteries bloom. The need for mystery is greater than the need for an answer.-- Ken Kesey

MikeGinnyGOLD Member
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Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Well, mine is boring. My name is Mike. My last name starts with the letters "Gin." (Hard "G" sound, not a "J" sound).

So ever since elementary school, people have called me "Ginny" (hard "G" sound, not "J" sound!).

The other name I sometimes use is DocLightning (although not on this board). The reason is that I am training to be a doctor and I love bright shiny things (fire, glowsticks, glow wire, LED's, etc.)


Certified Mad Doctor and HoP High Priest of Nutella

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SNOOPoiCarpal \'Tunnel
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Location: At the bottom of the garden with the fairies...

Mine is simple Snoopy (an animated dog) combined with poi!
I was once called Kymic (on h.o.p.) mind you I don't know where that came from....!

Liz_Ard: Ouch!
SNOOPoi: Thats just not the sound of someone doing it right!

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Location: in the minds of many

mine is after the ancient japanese war demon.
Shinova: Was the most feared and violent warlord/demon in the entire of japan.
Life is a waterfall: S.O.A.D.

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Location: ny

Bounty...Of the bounty hunters clan a real time video game called homeworld.


follow what you alone will decide what's real...anyone can be your brand new love

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Location: London

hahahah i dont even know why !!! but it has been stamped on me for the last 3 years. and i use it as my nickname now. something about my track record, anyway..moving swiftly please!

'Statistics are like miniskirts, they reveal more than they hide.'

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Location: Ontario

Stella comes from a crazy messed up story my friend wrote about all of our group of friends. It involved an evil math teacher stealing her kingly crown and holding it in has castle in the land of boredom. There were a lot of names we gave our selves based on things we discovered in grade nine science. And there were lots of aardwolves. And yeah basically we were crazy and insane with our adventures from the Nimage Realm, and our nick names were about 12 names long. Mine was: Stellar Stella the spunky sky goddes / lyrisist. My other friend was Ekeus Caloric Erlenmeyer the faerie princess king, her royal majesty and ruler of the Land of Suck. And Arnica Kelvin Kinetic, the Nimage King was the writer. Only recently have i found out i am ACTUALLY a king as well, but i cant remember of what. so i like stella. its a good name anyway. CARPE DIEM seize the day and you will never regret your actions

Trippie HippieBRONZE Member
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Location: Bewildered state of nothingness, United Kingdom

Trippy Hippy, hhhmmmm, my nickname came from a good friend of mine who always used to say that i wore "Hippy Shit" this then evolved when i got in to the drugs scene and he refered to me as that "Tripping Hippy" and thus "Trippy Hippy" was born. Not very exciting i'm afraid.
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"WHAT CHILD???"......."A voodoo child"
I love that film!!!!!
Last night i met some pixies and we danced around a stone.

Trippie Hippie- Monty Dons secret love child

Fly like a mouse, run like a pillow, be the small book case.

"Last night i met some pixies and we danced around a stone".

Because dressing up is fun.

Aurora (1/2 a firesister)GOLD Member
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Location: Canada, Ontario, Toronto


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When I signed up I was studying astronomy and I was having the darndest time trying to understand the explaination for why Sunspots the sun is soooo bewtiful!

Om Namah Sivaya

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Location: plymouth/cardiff

Mines kinda boring, i grew up in wales so had to learn the language enlliw means rainbow in welsh, i think it is a beautiful word, just like the language:)

if you do not suceed try try again

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Location: Austria (not Australia :-))

Ignis = fire (in Latin)

not very original...

the twelve names for fire:ignis, coquihabin (quia incocta coquendi habet dictionem), ardo, calax ex calore fragon ex fragore flammae, rusin de rubore,fumaton, ustrax de urendo, vitius quia pene mortua membra suo vivificat, siluleus, quod de silice siliat, unde et silex non recte dicitur, nisi ex qua scintilla silit...aeneon, de Aenea deo qui in eo habitat, sive a quo elementis flatus fertur.(The Name of the Rose)

Kinudin (Soul Fyre)veteran
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Location: San Diego, California, USA

Everquest random name generator.

Then I got into making other random fantasy names when I was bored in math class. (Zyfx Soleblade, SoulFire, Talious Oakenblade... uhh yeah.)

Thus is me.

tiamat_22580I will kill all mods
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Location: mods suck

sorry i spilled my pop on the key board and i had to lick it up

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Location: York, England

enlliw..... what a beautiful name! how would you pronouce that, my welsh pronuciation is getting sooooo rusty...

great to see some welshness here.... (i'm obssessed, don't mind me.) learning wlesh is one of my many crazy goals, along with actually making it to wales someday.....

and Kinu, how on earth have you missed this topic so many times before?

Keep your dream alive
Dreamin is still how the strong survive

Shalom VeAhavah

New Hampshire has a point....

FireMikeZLaguna dude
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Location: Laguna, California, US

this gurl Kyri. . . (i ADORE her). . .she finds the nicest stuff around here! i remember tiamat in ancient mesopotamia, rock-mother. . .

someone said (Spanky)? "FireMike! that's so unoriginal, but everyone remembers it right away."

i've had so many, but know what? this one's natural, ya know?

oh, some places online, i gotta put a
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at da end, sure will be figuring out what that move looks like. . .

molten cheers,

~ FireMike (personal messages welcome, no promo spam, please!)
Laguna, California, US

SterlingspiderBRONZE Member
Senator by day, Sith Lord by night.
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Location: Suffolk, New York, USA

Hey Enlliw, oh, wow, someone who actually knows Welsh! Question for ya, any idea what the name Wrynn could possibly mean? (It's my SO's last name, I call him the Amazing Technically Vowel-less One sometimes) It is incredibly hard to find Welsh translations and I get nosy about that sort of thing.

And to keep the thread going... the way my name started, I have very tiny hands with long fingers and I like to make them skitter spider-like over things (I dunno, it just amuses me, freaks the hell out of my BF tho). I tend to wear tons of silver rings as well. So my hands often kind of look like silver spiders. Otherwise physically I am on the covered-in-silver-jewelry-tiny-long-and-spindly side as well. For my costuming and corsetting stuff I use the name Carapax since that is the word for the semi rigid exoskeleton that spiders have.

I have a pretty strong affinity to spiders for various and sundry reasons, so all of my user names tend to be in the same vein (spidhands, silverspider, sterlingspider, argentarachnid, itsibitsispider, carapax etc). For some reason I am the great un-nicknamable one (really, it just never never works) I guess most people feel that Lorena (which most closely rhymes with Maureen) is different enough and it doesn't shorten well.

"If the human brain were simple enough for us to understand, we would be too simple to understand it"
-Emerson M Pugh

FlyntSILVER Member
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Location: Australia

Hehehe, my nick has nothing to do with fire! seriously! i was in grade um.... somewhere mid highschool, and our teacher was describing the effect light has when it hits a prism and is kind of shattered into colour, like peices of Flint. Having a strange affinity for the letter y in the middle of words, i quickly snapped it up!

And my other nick is Zephyr, taken from a shakespearian sonnet, "The zephyr through the violet!"
A zephyr is a gentle breeze....
Soooooo Flynt Zephyr = Light into Colours floating through the Air!
hehehee, its also the name of an intergalactic princess. but thats a whole nother story....

family nicks have included, Racego (i now have a small business called racegobare), penfold, podge, stackhat, helmetgirl and other humiliating little nicks.....

Currently on the right side up of the world.

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