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Posted:Wow, wow, f*%king wow!!!! I've always been impressed by the activities of the fiery people at various festivals or the glowing types who lurk in the margins at dance events, I've always known they were Poi and knew I wanted to learn, but never did nothing about it! Until this year when I went to Glasto. Upon my return decided the only meaningful way to continue my life would be to take two little turkey beany toy's put some cable on them and spin them round in my house, garden and sleep!! Within three days I have constructed some nice practice poi out of various odds and sods from around the house; but also within these three days I made rapid progress (Im on my fourth day now and mastering the five beat wave) and it feels good! My friend even found a curtain pole to use as a staff! I shunned this at first but upon picking it up, found I could apply Poi principals and suddenly I was flinging it about the garden in a reasonably controlled fashion.
You may have noticed I am very excited by this new passion I have found, and I felt it necessary to tell the people who must have experienced this honey moon period too! Wow wow wow, I have a hobby, me not anyone else "ME", I haven't had a hobby since.........well I forget! But I would be happy to recieve support and advice on developing as a novice, either on Poi or Staff!

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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

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Posted:Well Doc, welcome to the family, the advise you wanted is simple practice preactice preactice. Do that and you will be the best in the world at poi

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Posted:haya thistle an redeye, i too was highly impressed by glasto this year had started a few months ago but now i just cant stop. it was all soooo pritty i wannnnna doooo more- im at uni in leicester so aint that far from y'all in term time gotta mate at uni whos really into it all she introduced me into the magical life of poi balls, so we could meet up later in da year!!!!

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Posted:Sorry Jazz I deleted previous post because my link did not work Would be fun to meet up when you back at uni and I can put you in touch with other spinners in Leicester area.

Hi Doc and welcome. Your enthusiasm makes me smile . I live in Nottingham which is not too far from peterboro' if you want to meet up for a spin sometime. It would be cool if you did an Introduction thread in Introductions to tell us a bit about yourself. Have you ever been to any free parties in the peterboro' area?

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Posted:my suggestion: never feel that you are better then anyone at poi, or staff. when you get full of yourself you will lose all skill.

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Posted:Hello and Welcome.... perhaps you could post something about yourself in the introduction section.... we'd love to hear more about you and get to know you and stuff

I do remember that magickal, exitement of twirling when it was all new and fun! Doesn't it feel grand! hold onto that feeling and take it with you!!!

Twirl on, friend!

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