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Mumma Hen
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Member Since: 25th Apr 2002
Total posts: 6391
Posted:I cant believe this!!! this poor poor child!!! eek eek eek

A couple have just realised their howler after naming their baby son Drew Peacock.

Shocked dad Russell only twigged when he put it in an internet search engine looking for famous namesakes, and was asked: Do you mean Droopy Cock?


anyone else know of some shocking names parents called their kids?
I knew of a family that named their son "dwayne pipe." eek

TAJ "boat mummy." VALURA "yes sweetie you went on a boat, was daddy there with you?" TAJ "no, but monkey on boat" VALURA "well then sweetie, Daddy WAS there with you"

UnNatural Scientist - Currently working on a Breville-legged monkey
Location: Bath Uni or Shrewsbury, UK
Member Since: 26th May 2004
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Posted:You can have fun with initals too!

One person I know was orginally going to be called Charles Oliver Corser, another was going to be called Thomas Ian Thorn

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Mumma Hen
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Member Since: 25th Apr 2002
Total posts: 6391
Posted:there wasa chick at school called Vicky Davis
she HATED her initials

TAJ "boat mummy." VALURA "yes sweetie you went on a boat, was daddy there with you?" TAJ "no, but monkey on boat" VALURA "well then sweetie, Daddy WAS there with you"


Llamas are larger than frogs.
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Member Since: 28th Feb 2004
Total posts: 319
Posted:I heard some people cheering for "Holly Wood" at my soccer game the other day.

"I know a good deal more than a boiled carrot."
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Location: 8 days at Cloudbreak, 6 in Per...
Member Since: 25th Nov 2003
Total posts: 1433
Posted:My sister named her son Bennett Bruce Rees.

Just so you know Bennett is her former surname.


sumthin sumin smmnm....
Location: home sweet home
Member Since: 4th Sep 2003
Total posts: 372
Posted:theres some guy in saskachewan (which is kinda like idaho in canada) named richard assmann. seriously. david letterman tracked him down!!



Location: Aotearoa (NZ)
Member Since: 17th Oct 2003
Total posts: 625
Posted:Yea when I went to school and there was a kid called "Wayne Kerr"

I know "William Williams" or Billy ubblol as his friends call him.

The best, is one of my friends. her name is Jess Gore. So in roll call she was "Gorgeous" ubblol and yes she is biggrin

I named my son "Kaahuwheroreremaiirangatira" but then, i am Maori smile Long story in that name, but we just call him "Kaahu" or "Redhawk".


Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Oxfordshire/Wiltshire
Member Since: 10th Jan 2004
Total posts: 3276
Posted:I know someone called Matthew Mattam. xxx

tHeReS gOoD aNd EvIl iN EaCh InDiViDuAl fIrE, iDeNtIfIeS nEeDs AnD fEeDs OuR dEsIrEs.


.:*distracted by shiny things*:.
Location: brizvegas
Member Since: 13th Oct 2003
Total posts: 3776

there was a girl at my school called storm drinkwater...and i vaguely remember another called misty hymen (though that may be a name i heard on tv...)

i've only heard of one other margita...so i reckon unusual names rock! wierd names - like richard head or wayne kerr/king - and just not nice!! some parents really don't think do they?! ubblol


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smile! grin it confuses people!


Pirate Pixie Crew Captain
Location: Wales
Member Since: 12th Aug 2004
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Posted:I went to school with a girl called Georgina Loveday Copely-Williams. That was a bit of a gobfull. Her family used to breed and eat guinea pigs.

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Location: South East UK
Member Since: 29th Aug 2004
Total posts: 57
Posted:i know a Gerhard Jasen-Van-Vuren which was a bit crazy at first!! got used to it now tho! ubbrollsmile he's Souh African so it kinda explans it!

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Lillie Frog
Lillie Frog

not a stranger
Location: wales
Member Since: 31st May 2004
Total posts: 558
Posted:On 'Buffy' the music used to be done by someone called 'Thomas Wanker'.
I said to my bloke that if that was my name I would change it.
He replied, 'yes, I'd change it to John Thomas Wanker.'


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look a rainbow!
Location: Waterford, CT
Member Since: 14th Dec 2002
Total posts: 237
Posted:Written by: NYC

As a teacher I always hear rumors about kids with bad names. Most of them are lies. I've never seen a roll sheet with any of the names you normally here. Actually, most of them are racist lies dealing with the fact that African Americans often give their children non-European names.

Ah, see, I feel not at all racist here, because my dad taught in New Haven ( a very very "ghetto-ish" town near me...and not being racist there either, it just is. His first year there they had an end of the year stabbing.... it was a great school) and most of his students were African American, and he actually brought home his attendance lists to show us that he wasn't making the names up.

He had a Treasure, an Empress, and a Princess. The story that he heard from another student, was that Empress's mother wanted to outdo Princess's mother.

He also had Ebony, Ivory, Mahogany, and another one that I can't remember, but it was another kind of material or something.

Our favorite was what we decided was the idea of taking the dad's name and adding "isha" to the end, because he had a Tomisha, Doneisha, Kenisha, and Jerreisha.

The other two weird ones were Stay-cee...just cause it was a weird spelling, and the one that I never understood was Shaylce. It's pronounced "sha-leece" and I can't figure out any way to make that work.

So I don't really feel racist...those were just their names. ubbloco

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Location: Bristol
Member Since: 13th Sep 2004
Total posts: 326
Posted:Once met a girl whos first name was alice and her surname was cooper

Also somebody whos parents called her april may

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