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Posted:I think I answered a health question that I've been dealing with for quite some time.

I tend to have throat issues during certain times of the year and got an air filter and they got much better. I know I was doing something funky in my sleep which led to a constant sore throat in the morning because my painful throat would constantly get better as the day went on.

So last night I woke up at around 5AM and realized that my entire mouth was absolutely dry. REALLY wierd feeling. As was my throat. I had apparently been breathing through my mouth for a few hours and EVERYTHING was dry. My tounge actually felt like leather (I had to concentrate not to close it and get the saliva back while I poked around.) It was REALLY a wierd feeling. Of course, for the next few minutes while I closed my mouth and resalivad (?) my throat KILLED since it was totally dry. Within a half hour most of the pain had gone (with help from the shower steam)...

ANYONE ELSE have this problem? What do I do? I don't think a humidifyer would help unless I had the thing hooked up to my mouth somehow. wink

I really think this explains many a sore throat I've woken up with.

"Dr." Mike? Anyone?

[Putting this one in Social Discussion so there's some hope of it not degrading into kinky things I do in my sleep and such...]

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Posted:emmm, just my ideas, but could be a couple of things (at least this is the stuff that affected me when I got something similar)

You could have a cold coming on... or perhaps you're run down... take some multi-vitamins and get to bed early.

De-humidifyer could help if your room is damp - and don't sleep with the window open.

Sleep with a glass of water by the bed.

Dunno, guess that's all I can think of.

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Posted:Employ someone to promote the production of saliva through orol stimulation throughout the night, this has the added bonus of getting a pleasant surprise if you get woken up..... biggrin

on a more serious note, are you sleeping on your back? Sleeping on your back encourages your mouth to stay open (see people who snore...). Ever notice the wet patch on your pillow when you sleep on your side and your mouth is touching the fabric... (or is that just me drooling).

Is it worse after youve been out burning?

Much dust in your room? My sister has these anti dust things under her bed clothes.

You smoke? (i find when i've been 'smoking' i often wake up with the symptoms your describing).

*running out of ideas*

Hope you sort it soon bro..


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Posted:It could get kinky real fast. You used the word "throat." wink

Having said that, this can often be allergies. Try Claritin (well, use the cheapo store-brand generic) and give it a few days to work. That often helps. Avoid decongestants since they can make dry throat worse.

Also, keep a glass of water next to the bed.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:I get a similar thing sometimes. Horrible, isn't it? You havemy sympathy.

I have no solution I'm afraid, I just thought I'd post as moral support.
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Posted:Written by: Lightning
It could get kinky real fast. You used the word "throat."

I think it already has...

Written by: NYC

I know I was doing something funky in my sleep which led to a constant sore throat in the morning


Sleeping with a glass of water by the bed is a good idea if you don't already. I thought it was better to sleep with the window open for the fresh air, but maybe not if it really aggravates your throat.

Could it be due to what you eat or drink immediately before going to bed? confused

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Posted:Do you always sleep on your back? Or do you sometimes sleep on your side? If you do, does it make it better or worse?

Could you use one of those many many pillows of yours to prop up your chin so your mouth stays closed? wink

Actually, the real cure is to check your PMs regularly wink *hint hint*

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Posted:Humidifiers add moisture to the air. In the winter and cooler months when the house is closed up and the air is dry we have one that shoots into the bedrooms (except, be careful near computers). It does help the dry throatiness, because you have moisture in the air.

The glass of water next to the bed only helps when you wake up to use it, which is helpful, but limitedly. PWB sleeps on his back with his mouth open, and has this happen a bit.

I am a side sleeper and so only get this when I have a stuffy nose and breathe through my mouth.

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Posted:If it gets REALLY bad, there's this product called SALIVART that is basically a thickened water spray that moisturizes the mouth and lasts at least 2 hours (so claims the package) and it's so safe that I just automatically prescribe it to all of my inpatients.

Admittedly, it's useful in old, sick people on either stimulants or anticholinergics...but NYC's not far from that, anyway. biggrin

-Mike )'(
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Posted:I have to sleep with a machine, so that I dont stop breathing during the night and it forces air down my throat so..... I KNOW OF YOUR PAIN!!
i had a major sore throat problem until I asked for a new machine that had a humidifier on it which pushes a little mositure through the machine as I breathed the air in... INSTANT relief...

Try a humidifier if you can get your hands on one.. I have never slept better!!
other than that... do you breathe through your nose or mouth?
I retrained myself to breathe through my nose and that seemed to stop a lot of it too... not all of it, but a great deal!
good luck matey and let us know how it goes..

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Posted:i sporadically find i have a similar problem nyc - i usually find its because im not drinking enough. after a few days of consciously drinking heaps of water im not stickydrysorethroaty in the morning anymore.


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Posted:I've had this exact same problem, most of last year when I was living in halls at uni. I found that it really did help to have the basin a little full of water during the night, particularly when it was a hot night. Otherwise, a drink next to the bed is a short-term solution. I really found that it was only when the room was hot for some reason (like if there was a party downstairs, or if the heating was on at night) that I had a problem.

But I think a humidifier is the way to go. Also, anything to do with snoring-relief would probably help. Perhaps you're just snoring, and that's why you're getting a sore throat?

I don't know, but I do know that a decent amount of water in a nice cool room was the key for me. Hope this helps!

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