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Look I've changed my title!
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Posted:lololol I was in chemistry today and I was trying to light the flame with the air hole open. It made the match I was holding super hot but also was releasing quite a substantial amount of gas!!

After a few seconds I switched to a closed hole and WHOOSH eek the flame spread outwards instead of going straight up, lol needless to say i now have no hair on the back of my hand.

lol, it wasnt big, nor clever, so dont do it wink


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Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

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Posted:You light them with matches? I used these striker things in the lab that make a little spark (and allow you to keep your hand several inches back).

So in a microbiology lab, we use bunsen burners for sterilizing tools. There is a tool called a "spreader" that you use to spread bacteria onto a culture plate (a petri dish). It's a plastic or glass triangle about 5 cm at the edge that you use to spread. You take a a half mL or a mL of bacterial culture, pipet it onto the agar in the plate, and then you use the spreader to spread it around to form a nice, uniform lawn of bacterial growth on the plate. Or to get colonies if you're doing a selection.

To sterilize a spreader, you fill a GLASS petri dish (the ones we use for culture are disposable plastic) with 70% ethyl alcohol. Then you dip the spreader in the alcohol, then remove it, touch it to a bunsen burner flame, which ignites the alcohol and thus sterilizes the spreader.

So once I managed to drip burning alcohol into the plate that was full of alcohol. This caused a small fire. This is why you keep the lid of the glass plate around because you just slam it over the top of the plate and it goes out...same reason you should be using a paint can with a sealable cover for your fire fuel! smile

However, my second mistake was that I was doing all this next to a stack of paper towels... ubblol

The fire extinguisher got used that day.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:A Guy I worked with in the Micro labs did the same thing when he was teaching me to do a coagulation tests for the pea blight bacteria. Only he set fire to a beaker full of alcohol. We had sealable glass beakers of the stuff on each bench. He dipped and flamed a loop and then with it still hot and alight he dipped it back into the jar by mistake. To say it made a pretty flame is an understatement. Kevin lost his eyebrows and I learned never to let Kevin teach me anything again! ubblol Man I loved that job! It was so much fun. Microbes don't answer you back!

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Posted:Thank God none of you are in my class. wink

I do find it humorous how much more often I burn myself doing NON firespinning related stuff.

My response to "Wow, you spin fire! Don't you burn yourself?"


"Yeah, every damn time I eat soup."

It's true y'know.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
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UnNatural Scientist - Currently working on a Breville-legged monkey
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Posted:Written by: NYC
"Yeah, every damn time I eat soup."

Brilliant! biggrin

It sounds like I've got a similar job, testing yogurts for bacteria. Well that's not quite true - I sample, spread and pour as I'm just a temp, someone else does the actual looking-for-little-nasty-things bit. Happily I haven't set the place on fire yet but did manage to burn my finger slightly with a bunsen.

Oh and don't eat Bounty desserts ...

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Posted:Grrr, I had to take an evil, impossibly hard chemistry quiz today.
Lightning, we use those little striker things too. Fun stuff! I once burned myself in the lab, but not on a bunsen burner...I had it second bell, andwe were using hot plates to boil water. I came in and went to grab one of the hot plates, not realizing that first bell had already used the ones that were sitting on the table in the middle of the room...I grabbed one by the top and burned three of my fingers-hurt like hell, and they blistred pretty badly; i did get out of my Latin test later that day, thogh, because I couldn't write!

"I know a good deal more than a boiled carrot."
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Kinudin (Soul Fyre)
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Posted:Written by: NYC

"Yeah, every damn time I eat soup."

GENIOUS! I will be using that from now on!



Fireotographer on Hiatus
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Posted:Ooooohhh.... "Bunsen" Burner! I thought someone burnt their breasts (that's what Busen means in German ubblol).
And I thought you can play with fire... wink

I am always scared of those fecking burners at work... they never work properly...

"I see," said the blind man.

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Posted:we had an experiment in chemistry to test something or other for ammonia. we were told to put amonia nitrate into sulpher hydroxide in and heat the test tube. While my teacher was looking the other way, two guys unplugged the bunsen from the gas tap and lit the gas coming out. I lept over my counter and hid behind it, terrified that the flame would blow back towards the source. Fortunatley, the guys had some sense and turned it off! but jesus it was scary. Mayb the ammonia sniffing went tp their heads cos that stuff reeks!

The existance of flamethrowers says that someone, somewhere, at sometime said "I need to set that thing on fire, but it's too far away."


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Posted:has anyone done the gas in the washing up liquid, always on the last day of term the teacher used to always do it, get a large tub and put some washing up liquid and water in it and then put those rubber tubes coming from the gas tap in there and turn it on, wait till u get loads of bubbles, turn gas off and then light it, whoooosssh!! he he massive mushroom cloud of flames

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Posted:yeah in science the otha day we were playing with bunsen burners and got a fair few mushroom shaped flames and a few singed eyebrows dew to the fact that we had to do it while the teacher wasn't looking.

there is now a large black burn mark on one of the tables where a fire experiment went wrong!! ooooops

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Posted:nothing beats smoking inside those safety cabinets with the gas release function, our teacher always let us cram in there so we could smoke without stinking up the school....

i had a cool chem teacher. she made us write a project on beer, and made the school buy it. so everybody got 6 sixpacks from the school, needless to say we needed maybe 2 for the experiments.
she took us on a tour through a brewery and the end we got hammered together.
she took us on a trip to munich and let us do whatever we want.....

ahhhh those were the days

"is optimism in austria just a lack of information?"
-Alfred Dorfer


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Posted:If you connect the bunsen to the water taps instead of the gas taps you get a lovely fountain that will easily soak your ceiling smile

But don't think that if you put washing up liquid in the top of the burner you'll get bubbles - you won't frown

Lillie Frog
Lillie Frog

not a stranger
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Posted:When I was at school the teacher has us touch a van der graff generator and charge up, then we would point at a bunsen burner and light it with our fingers. cool.

He also wired us all up and put electrigity through us and kept turning it up to see who could take the most pain. It was worst when someone dropped out then the people either side had to make the chain again and it would hurt.

He was a sadist.

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Llamas are larger than frogs.
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Posted:Sort of off topic, but my chemistry teacher did an awesome halloween demonstration for us today- he mixed 3 clear solutions (he told us what they were, but i forget)...they stayed clear for a few seconds, and then all of a sudden turned orange, and then black! it was awesome!!! How do people figure these things out-just sit around all day mixing chemicals?

"I know a good deal more than a boiled carrot."
"Fire!" "Where?" "Nowhere, I was just illustrating the misuse of free speech."

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