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Posted:So i was reminiscing about when i was living in the islands and a flood of memories came back to me about walking on fire, and the first time i did it.

Think I was nearly 10 and I was real scared but everything turned out fine. My neighbors helped me out and after awhile it was something we did for fun on a regular basis. We even had a decent fire pit in the back yard ubblol

So how many of you here have done the "walk" and where did you first see it? How did you feel and what are your thoughts about it now?

Just thinking about it made me realise how much i missed it.


#1: Never ever just presume you can heat a whole lot of rocks up and walk over them!

#2: Make sure to have an experenced "walker" to show you the ropes. And/Or do ALOT of research and talk to knowledgeable people.

#3: Dont get drunk or take drugs, the rush is intense enough, and if performed properly it is better than a splif and a 40 of Dr JD.

#4: Source GOOD pure volcanic rocks and test them for decent heat properties.

Obviously having a good safety person goes without saying.

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If you can find a island community (Samoa/ Tahiti/ Fiji / Tonga etc) it shouldn't be to hard to convince someone to help you out and they would usually even set you up. I would go as far as saying that going to the islands on holiday and doing it is always worth the experence...and everyone knows firedancers love to travell biggrin

What do you think? Been there done it before and over it? Been there and want to do it again? Or Never even heard of it before ubblol

Im sure TJay would be of help in this thread cause from what i know he still living in American Samoa. If he dont show up in here you could always PM him for ideas. biggrin Its a spritual experence i will never forget.

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Posted:ey where can i get information about how to do it
what do you use, wood?? or what??


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Posted:I was doing it in Apia, Samoa. Its different depending on where you do it.

Basically its a "walk into manhood" and all the young boys are tested over the fire...you walk on a kid and walk off a man. (Well thats how it was explained to me, but like i said each tribe/ island/ race have their own traditions).

We cut a path way in the grass, about12-15 feet long, and about 1/4 of a foot deep (or less) started a huge bon fire (Like a umu) with volcanic rocks on top, and let it burn till its mostly ash, then use your spade to layer the rocks inside the pit. And wait till "The Man" tests it, and then you get the "usuall" lecture about safety and danger and spiritual awareness etcetc and methods of "walking". That is REAL important, because if u freak, or run youll get burnt. And if you dont use the correct rock you wont even get one step in before bye censored

Oh yea, thats NOT me in that pic, thats some random guys pic i stole off the net :P

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Posted:I'm posting here just because dragon told me not to!

we eat and we drink and we smoke and we try!

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Posted:ok Dragon, so what site could i/we go on, to get more info on this? i have always been interested fire walking sense i was a kid. i hoped this site wouldhave something on it, but, excludingthis post, there's nothing i have found.........so, any site you could direct me to would be great.......

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Posted:"Definition: Fire walking, which simply involves walking barefoot across a bed of hot coals, has traditionally been claimed as an ability derived from spiritual and / or supernatural powers. It has, however, been demonstrated to be a completely normal phenomenon which anyone can do provided the conditions are correct."

TeeJay may have some info, u can PM him here: http://www.homeofpoi.com/ubbthreads/show...5/o/all/fpart/1
Google search:

And dont you always love the robert heart element "i invented firewalking

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Posted:havent the time to read all posts but yes I have had a little firewalk.

Was a sponsored event and they had a very well prepared fire-pit was all good burning wood no nails etc!! and it was evenly raked before anyone walked over it.

It can be safe but it was prepared and we were prepared smile

M x

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did it myself as well.
In the middle of Grafton street no less! (one of the main shoping streets in Dublin)
Again, a charity gig, you have no idea how much money people are willing to through at you to see you walk on hot flamey coals devil

Raised about 700 Euro in about 4.5 seconds! ubbloco
Magic it was, do it ASAP!


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Posted:id love to do it

T wave

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Posted:Well, in Bulgaria there are people called "nestinari" who can do fire walking. It was done on some religious holidays, but nowadays it is a common attraction in some tourist resorts. There are some links here:


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Posted:Anyone know the actual physics of why it doesnt burn you when you go slow and steady? Is it to do with the pressure?


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As far as I know, walking slow and steady keeps your feet on top of the bed of coals, which is the coolest part.
Trying to hurry it and running puts more force downwards through your feet, pushing them deeper into the hotter parts of the coals.

That's based on something I was told a while back though, and I don't fully trust my memory these days, so you probably shouldn't either wink

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Posted:You can find a fairly comprehensive (technical) answer on wikipedia smile

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