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Posted:Hi all.
We just got back from a Grand Canyon rafting trip
where we were introduced to poi by one of the guides.
Very cool in the middle of the canyon.

Anyway, we want to start off with the nylon cord
so we can adjust lengths for each of us etc.
But we also want to be able to put leds on it for nighttime.
Do the ends of the beginner set come off to allow the "dollar" leds to be put on?

Also is there any reason the ultimate performance nylon set is not under the beginners catagory? Are they somehow harder to use than the Beginner fabric ones??

Thanks much,

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Kombi guy
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Kombi guy

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Posted:Hey Ben,
First off Greetings and welcome to HOP
You should jump into the intruductions and say Hi to everyone when you get a minute.
Twirling in the Grand Canyon eh sounds very cool, my sister went in a helicopter flight through the G/Canyon, sounds like an awesome place.
You just emailed me at HOP about this very topic. Here is the run down again on what I sent you in the email. The Buzz poi that we sell here on HOP are quite good for interchanging with the glowsticks as they have a small clip swivel that releases the poi head easily.
The lightsicks can also be attached but it pays to tie off a small knot on the existing lightstick cord and thread the swivel through that (If using the Buzz poi clip swivel) weavesmiley
The beginner poi and performance poi are not really suited to have the heads taken on and off on a regular basis as they are tied onto the swivel, but with a couple of clip swivels from a fishing or hardware store they can be easily adapted.
There isnt that much difference between the Beginner poi and Performance poi except a slightly different fabric and tail design. If learning with tailed poi it may help you to learn with the tails wrapped around the poi head and then when you have mastered a routine unwrap the tails for the visual effect.
Hope this helps a little.
Happy twirling weavesmiley


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