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  Posted: Hoooray, smile

Malcolm just gave me a list of the people who made it onto COL 5

So here goes, in no particular order. ubbrollsmile

Fire Fairy from Australia

Fire Sisters from Canada

Sista Firewire from Germany

One Wheel Dave from the UK

Prometheus from the USA

YAYO (fire bandit) from Japan

Jools from the UK

Thai Tom from Austria

Heraclitus from the USA

Fire Trinity from the USA

Leif from the USA

2bags from the UK

Fraggle from the USA

Glittergirl from the USA

Brother and Son duo from Germany.

Bender from Australia

Drag'n from Japan

Atef and Altamash from Bangladesh

The Amazing rubber heart duo from Finland

Hanna Jackson from the USA

Samnash from Bangladesh

Joanna23 from the USA

Lumiere, Elemental Circus of Fire from Canada

Anthony Donelli from the USA

Mathew Watkins, from the USA

Eternal Collective from the USA

clap clap clap clap

A big congratulations to you all from everyone here at HOP and also to those who sent footage but were not picked, you are all very talented at this firey, twirly art form that we enjoy so much.

Thanks kindly. thankx


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  Posted:Written by: FireSpirit

Thanks Onewheeldave, and good bye.

a rather strange post no?

i do agree on move sharing, and this is where i seem to always get miss quoted, or miss interpreted, i dont agree on style coping

i dont agree that ppl should stydy a move in a vid to the point that they end up copying the move exactle, and incudling teh style, ie the flare at the end, or the hip movement that makes it an individual performers

i do agree however that moves should e shared, and tought and traded, and copied and learned..and all these things! hug

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  Posted:Hey Andy (poiboxII)!!

Well done sunshine! it's going to be great to see you do your swingy thing again! Much deserved biggrin

Take care
Clare x

Getting to the other side smile