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Let's see now: we know most of each other's ages........wouldn't the elucidation of our nicknames make for some gripping bedtime reading? ------------------*WC*


SpannerBRONZE Member
remembers when it was all fields round here
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I was first called Spanner by my friends in year 8 when I was 12. It's inevitably the first rhyme of Anna people call me by so it's stuck, but I'm happy with it.

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you are nice woman.



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Originally posted by Sundance:
Originally posted by Trait Of 1112:
Originally posted by Sundance:
sage and i say it best

erm are you like Sage's best mate huh??? like i just read another thread where you were asking where she was and you've met her just ONCE!

this post is despicable[sp?] sounds like your not being your truself and are too hiding in a deep hole being a screen name.

yours faithfully john walklate.

and rob man, i will wake you up at 3aqm every morning by jumping on your bed if you ever took a name like firestorm<<< the sound of cheeeeeeeese
ta PK

no first of all calm down. what i said is your name will come to you like she said .so what does that mean wow we both said the same thing. make any scence to you .

wazzzzzzzzup all im sundance from san antonio i dont know alot of you but i hope to get to know you better on here if your in san antonio write me a i.m. laters.........sundance

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JoKoPo is a nickname I acquired while in a canoe somewhere in Center Parcs, weirdly enough. DOn't remember exactly how it came about but was something to do with a joke about cowboys n native americans.


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I have a couple of nicknames, but this is one I used to use years ago 'cos it was the name of an album I liked. Resurrected it because it feels comfy and 'poly' sounds normal if people can't remember my actual name (flid said how being greeted as 'flid' at clapham was weird!)

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The pessimist fears this is true.

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oooooh i love that album!!

well my names kathryn but i have a thing bout kittens and i also sleep all curled up like a kitty so that explains that part. the rave queen part comes from me doing alotta raving last summmer normally wearing a tiara and my magik purple rave dress which makes me look like a mad member of royalty so one of my friends wrote rave queen on the back of my dress in uv. the end

i'll draw you a picture ill draw it with a twist ill draw it with a razorblade ill draw it on my wrist and if i do it right a red fountain will appear washing away my sorrow washing away my fear

PukSILVER Member
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Okay i was hanging out with cass, flashfire, ade, Rozi , finn and dangerboy you guy's .

And i was about to do something mistevious and apparently i had a cheeky grin just before i did it .

And midsummer's night dream was recently played in the Botanical Garden's by a hyper-active Puk (he's a little bit mistevious for those who don't know ) . Similar to me

Cheeky Puk smile !!!

that shrewd and knavish sprite

Called Robin Good Fellow ; are you not he that is frighten of the maidens of the villagery - fairy

I am the merry wander of the night -puk

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mine's an anagram of nudsoaw which is a mythical city in my small intestine. I couldn't tell you this before because I thought you'ld all think I was crazy so I disguised the true meaning of my name. Those who know names have power you know. As for stage names I was known as alias but dropped it when that bad american T.V series came out. Now I kinda like badly burnt boy, people can identify it with some-band or some-thing I think. I recently changed my name by depol to National Park World Heritage Listed Area Newton but every one chooses to ignore my cries for spiritual inlightnment and still call me smelly, but seriosly I am just an illegitament russian bastard, but my name means customs officer in french.

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well, if anyone is from australia, or knows of the surf-brand mambo, then you will know how wacked out their t-shirt and advertising art is. but the long and short of it is that i collected some of them out of a few surfing mags, and it was either this or fart_in_a_bottle, which has a nice ring, but not quite as funny, if i can ever be bothered i'll post a pic of the actual ad on here, or in a photo gallery when i work out how o make the size smaller, to show everyone the origins.

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Written by: Sundance

no first of all calm down. what i said is your name will come to you like she said .so what does that mean wow we both said the same thing. make any scence to you .

your original post was worded very badly.


"To be an angel, one need not have wings.
In giving love there is an equal grace.
Nor need one seek the aura in the face,
As love unveils the beauty of all things."

*Francois Couperin.

Carpal \'Tunnel
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Bump for aaaaaaall the newbs smile hug

UCOF, originally stood for "the United Chains Of Fire" which was the name of the fire spinning group I was/ am in.

The name has since become synonimous with me, rather than us, after UCOF Chris stopped posting here.

Then I got bored with it, but seeing as people still called and still call me UCOF, I thought I would keep the UCOF letters, and make up a new name along those lines.

Hence the name changes, which happen when I can be bothered.


DrBooBRONZE Member
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There are lots of myths and legends about the origins of my monaker.
There is a theory that it is a natural transition from Katie...Katieboo.
The other is that when I was little, my nickname was BumbleBee - because I bumbled around and buzzed about - that got shortened eventually to Bum. Nice, eh?
When I hit puberty, apparently, my bum was not the most obvious part of my anatomy, and the name changed accordingly...and was shortened again.
I don't honestly remember.
But I always get asked and it really stumps me.

Boo x

I intend to live forever - so far, so good.

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Kathain_BowenGood Ol' Yarn For Hair
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So, this is going to sound really stupid.

1.) My real name is Kathryn. Ask my Mum and she never wanted that, but she won't let me be called by anything but that.

2.) My friends in high school dropped it down to "Kat" because it sounded too formal

3.) I worked at GARF for three years. My first year, I developed a stalker, who knew me only as "Kat."

4.) After that freaked the hell out of me, I decided it was time to either change names and move to another state, or just adopt a false name for fair. "Kathain" came out of an angry discussion about this..... and.... admittedly.... the Witchblade tv series.

5.) When I needed to dodge out a sticky situation with another potential stalker at GARF..... again, and he was asking for a last name, we were strolling past the Archery Booth. "Bow."

6.) And, in a Peter Griffen quality move from Family Guy, I added "en" to the end so it sounded official and put on my best smile.

Kathain Bowen.

Other aliases: equusk (latin for Horse.. and obvious), k@, Kitty, Kate, Katie, PyroSlinky (a friend of mine wanted to give me a nickname involving the word Slinky), FyreFox, and, as you can see by my title : Good Ol' Yarn For Hair.

"So long and thanks for all the fish."

MynciBRONZE Member
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people started calling me m monkey man because I climbed and looked like one biggrin and when I started saying monkey in a funny accent it came out sounding like minkey so used the welsh (from gorkys zygotic mynci) for monkey (also a big fan of the great sage) loads of other stuff too but that'll do

thus I settled for monkey spelt Mynci biggrin and monkeys have tails wink

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.

PyroMonkeyGOLD Member
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mine tis a combo of my 2 fav hobbies

Pyro - Fire spinning
Monkey - Rockclimbing (yes i know monkeys climb tree;s but i dont care tongue)

MynciBRONZE Member
Macaque of all trades
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Location: wombling free..., United Kingdom

lots of monkeys around here ubblol now we need simian and bov ubblol

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.

poigmarmite and nutella sandwich
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Poi and pig, don't ask me why the pig bit, i just thought it sounded cool biggrin

THE hop Pyro.
(with parents)

JonnyRokBRONZE Member
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JonnyRok: I had a friend at school who would always call me Jonny Bravo, it then somehow changed to Jonny Rock so I adapted it to JonnyRok.

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Do what you want coz a pirate is free,
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Firetrampold hand
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Location: Binstead, Isle of Wight

I like travelling and never seem to settle anywhere for long (although Bristol is breaking records). The fire bit is obvious.

Ask a question and be a fool for a minute...don't ask and be a fool your whole life.

Sambo_FluxGOLD Member
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Location: Norf London, United Kingdom

My name is Sam, but most of my mates call me Sambo, hence the first bit.

Apart from the spinning, I'm also a bit of a dance producer, and go under the name State Of Flux as a musician. That comes from an interest in complexity theory and the idea that everything is constantly changing and evolving, in a state of flux.

Hence, Sambo Flux. biggrin

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CaffeinatedKatieGOLD Member
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Not too exciting. I drink a lot of espresso, and I like alliteration.
It was either that or "FireCrotch," which my friends back home called me after they saw me spin and do leg wraps. And I thought that might not make for the best of introductions. (or maybe it would do exactly that...)

blu_valleySILVER Member
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My name is Lois, and my friends used to call me Lu (they tried Lo, but it's silly to call a tall person Lo and it used to bug me). A boyfriend at the time changed Lu to Blu and it just stuck. The valley part comes from a festival I used to go to in South Africa...It was Blue of the Valley, and it just got shortened to Blu Valley

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The Tea FairySILVER Member
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I was pronounced the Tea Fairy years ago by my best friend whom I was working with. It was largely inspired by how fussy I am about my own tea and the fact that I ended up making tea for everyone in the office, even those in different departments. If I made an extra cup by mistake, or put sugar in when I didn't mean to, the tea would not be wasted but would end up randomly on someone's desk when they weren't looking.

Oh, and I do make an absolutely smashing cup of tea!

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Neon_ShaolinGOLD Member
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Neon - I love pretty glowy things...

Shaolin - Shameless reference to my ethnicity despite not knowing any martial arts (a month of Wing Chun doesn't count). Plus early last year before I joined or got into poi I shaved my head for charity, had a thing for orange shirts and ended up LOOKING like a shaolin monk...

I didn't realise it but the structure of the time was probably derived from the title of an old Silverchair album 'Neon Ballroom'

A few weeks ago I changed it as after seeing a few Chinese guy actual use martial arts in their spinning I felt undeserving of the name. Changed it and was met with derision so changed it back to the name everyone knows me as...

"I used to want to change the world, now I just wanna leave the room with a little dignity..." - Lotus Weinstock

Bek66Future Mrs Pogo
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Well....I'm very strong on fire in my life....lots of it in my birth charts and I have a very fiery personality....and I just like to play with fire...go figure?

The spirit part comes from being a very spiritual person and the fact that I am the Spirit element and Spiritual advisor for my pagan church so.....


devil meditate
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burningoftheclaveySILVER Member
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well Clavey is my surname and has been my nickname for years because there was more than one lianne in my year at school plus another couple we used to hang around with.

The burning of the Clavie is a festival carried out in burghead (up north east way of scotland) in january to celebrate the new year. the Clavie itself is a half barrel filled with tar and woodchips. The barrel is nailed onto a carrying post - the same nail is ritually used every year - which is hoisted onto the shoulders of a local villager, then lit, with tradition by a peat from the hearth of the burghead provost...
Each of the ten or so men (traditionally fishermen) take it in turn to carry the burning clavie clockwise around the streets of Burghead, occasionally stopping at the houses of former upper clsas villagers to present an ember of the clavie in the doorway for good luck for the year.

The men proceed to the stone altar of an old fort on the ancient Doorie Hill, then they relight the clavie there. The flaming embers are snatched up by onlookers and used to kindle a special New Year fire at home or are kept for luck

so thats where my names from. smile

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