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Posted:Beginning, Intermediate, & Advanced poi classes New Classes Just Started!!

Beginning: Butterfly, hip & shoulder reels, weaves, opposite directions, and turns. We also go over combinations, trasitions and dance. This is a 7 week course with a special lighting-up ceremony at the end.

Intermediate: Takes all the beginning moves to the next level with a focus on inventing and developing your style. We spend half of this class lighting-up, getting comfortable with fire, and half of the class learning new material.

Advanced: Behind the back weave (forward & backwards), under the legs, 5-beat weave, opposite directions weave, and partner performance (hugs), and getting really really comfortable with the element.

Sisters Kamala and Hannah of Indra Yoga & Dance have been professionally teaching poi and yoga for years. Please visit Indra Yoga & Dance for further information or e-mail info@indrayoga.com

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Posted:Written by: miz hannah

We spend half of this class lighting-up, getting comfortable with fire.


Someone who teaches others to play with, and get used to the fire!

Im impressed!

Posted:Nice pic, by the way! smile

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