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Posted:A story about my poi.

Last week my friend and I were spinnig under a motorway bridge. (its a really cool place to spin, totaly deserted and the fire makes cool effects on the underside of the bridge)

i climbed up a bank underneath the bridge so that i was a few feet from touching the underside of it. (its about 20-30 feet high)

This looked very nice to my friend (Al) who was taking photos from the ground. i decided that it would be fun to throw my poi and watch it sail down through the air and land near to my friend, i did this with the first one and it did look cool. i then threw the second one. the moment i threw it i knew it was doomed. it flew through the air and landed on a suporing strut of the bridge, 25 feet up!


we watched it sit there and burn its self out as we scanned the bridge for possible ways of retreiving it. my first idea was to do a sort of James Bond-style hand over hand climb along the iron gurder (we estimated this to, was about 20 feet) reach out, grab it, then climb the twenty feet back. ok, that was never going to work, but after closer invesigation we discovered that the designers of the bridge had made sure noone could climb the bridge anyway by putting in huge metal boxes that stoped you getting to the bits that were climbable.

we threw all kinds of logs and bricks to try and knock it off, but these just got stuck up there themselves.

i resolved that i was going to come back the next day with a very large ladder.
but then realised that i didnt have one and have no money to hire one.

a few days later i packed a bag with string, ropes, a baked potato skewer thing (which kinda looks like one of those spikey ninja things that you throw over a wall with a rope attatched that you climb up) some sellotape and various other bits and bobs that i thought i might need.

i got to the bridge and assembeled a ninja throwing rope thingy and threw it up with the hope of pulling it off. i had to make a few modifications to this but kept trying. i worked out that i was avering about 3 throws per min.

i stood there for a whole hour, throwing the ninja rope up, missing the poi, then coiling it up again and throwing it again.

after an hour, my arm was very tired but one throw suddenly hooked onto the poi and pulled the chain to the edge of the gurder, i could see it dangling there, i threw the rope three more times and on the fourth it suddenly fell from its high prision and landed next to me!
i jumped up and down and laughed with joy!

the feeling i got was amazing.
im sure the experiance has taught me alot about life.
and now i appriciate my poi more than ever!

the end.

YEY! i got the poi down form under the motorway bridge!

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Posted:congratulations biggrin

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Posted:Wow.... your poor poi there all alone for a couple of days...
Hope you gave him/her a nice hug when you got re-united!

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Posted:ubblol Brilliant !!

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Posted:i guess it must have been very scared



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Posted:Well,its so cold and lonely up there of nights....



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that's exactly like learning the btb weave..... all you need is a little persistance.....

well done ! clap

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Posted:i love happy endings clap

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Posted:one time at band camp....

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