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Posted:I am in year 12 this year doing my final year certificate (which, for me, is my VCE) and as some of you already know, I am stressing about my exams and my remaining SACs (tests that count to my final grade).

I'm talking stress to the point where I am crying over the smallest things almost nightly.

People tell me that it's normal and everyone gets stressed over their exams...but I look around my friends and other people I know and no-one seems to get as stressed as I do.

So I was wondering, am I alone?
Did anyone else have a hell of a year 12 (or uni etc) and stressed to the point insanity?

I feel like the biggest crybaby, but it's the only outlet I have! So if anyone else is like I am - please let me know I'm not alone!

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My wife just started her first semester of graduate work, after being out of school for six years. She's so worried about doing poorly that she's already getting difficult to be around. We're into week four of classes.

I'm not sure that I can offer much advice; I guess you're not really asking for it. But, you're not alone, and you're not crazy.

My personal response to stress is to shut down my emotions. Not actually very pleasant, but it has the illusion of being practical.

You might want to try just pampering yourself. If little things are getting to you, just cut out the little things. Take a vacation from life for a little while, deal with the exams, but otherwise do as little as possible... get lots of rest, eat comfort food, long hot baths, etc. Make an effort to be calm and happy. And when it's all over, go out and celebrate. (In an energetic way, to burn off the comfort food from earlier.)

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Posted:I'm 24 and I still have the occasional nightmare that I'm back in school....yucky.

Just remember, you can only do your best. Even though school is important, it's not the end of the world if you don't get a hundred percent.

We can also be our own worst enemies. Try to avoid stress by not putting yourself in situations that are unneccessarily stressfull like not studying till the night before. Try to plan to avoid stress or something like that.

I never did this myself I'm more of a flying by the seat of my pants person but this is the only advice I can think of...


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Posted:I have experienced my share of stress. Going thru private school and I have put time in the military and have also worked in a maximum security jail housing high risk inmates, some university and college, interviews and careers blah blah blah.. I am 37 now by the way.

What I can share with you Rouge, is my side of things. I believe there is a good type of stress and then there is a bad type. The good type helps you push you to your limits but in a safe way so you are not being emotionally or physically harmed. The stress that helps keep you focused and brings motivation.

Bad stress. Makes you sick from worry. Sits on your mind like a cancer.It is harder to focus on the task,memory is affected, digestion is affected,breathing is affected,panick's horrible !

We all express ourselves differently. When I'm stressed out, I eat and I'm very quiet. I also pluck my eyelashes if I get bad. Don't worry about what others do, you are not alone unfortunately. When people aren't doing very emotionally, it's hard to admit it. Some people have been conditioned that it is shameful to express fears or a weakness. It's good to cry out and it's good to share information and support each other.

Where am I going with this...ahhh...I know it's hard, hang in there and try and find ways to deal with it. If you are not able to stop the stress from hitting you, try to learn coping mechanisms. Some people seek refuge in meditation, some get into sports, some get into music. Eat healthy, drink lots of water, consider vitamins and try and find a way to release it.

I use poi and going out dancing as a release..that's the key thing..don't hold things in. If you need to cry , do it..if you need to it. But if you get into a severe depression, seek help , try your family doctor.

With studying, the final result is, either you know the information or you don't. Stressing won't help and in fact will make studying harder and you'll retain less information. If you have difficulty with a subject, is there any help available ?(online information on almost any subject is available..or tutors)

You have absolutely nothing to gain from carrying the burden of stress upon you. Any "unproductive" emotions need to be put aside when you are faced with challenges..once it's over, you can also learn how to deal and release it all.

Feel free to email me if you wish to communicate further. I would be willing to do so with you and offer whatever I have in my power to assist you through a rough ride. I don't always keep up to date with posts here.. I am only a human being trying to get by in life without unnecessary bullshit, if I can help contribute in any positive manner to this society,,I'm game.

Hang in there! Be strong! Have faith in yourself!

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