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Posted:Okay, so i've noticed it cropping up a fair few times more often in the location oojamaflippy bit of the forum and i feel something should be done about it.... so raise ye hands all ye in the locality (well... the whole of wales) and state ye location! maybe we could start a cymru based event/performance/gathering??

I.. am in Penarth, that's S.Wales in the near proximity of Cardiff... and I know that there is also Rossco Bossco in this fair taffy valley.... *counts on fingertips* um, is there a minimum number to count as a "gathering"? where are you poiple?!

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Posted:Poi Meet

Sunday 19th October


Rear of Caerphilly Castle, off Crescent Road

See you there!

Red Raven Wellbeing Centre
9 Clive Street, Caerphilly. CF83 1GE
07757 057 157


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Posted:Hi I have recently moved to Cardiff and looking for people to spin with can you let me know of any groups, meets? cheers smile

Mr Majestik
Mr Majestik

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>.> o wait. grin

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Posted:hey are there any juggling clubs near Lampeter!!!

or lampy town!!!????????????????????



Carpal \'Tunnel

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Posted:Have a look here.



Pasta of Muppets
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Posted:Pffft. Foreigners. No idea of British Geography smile



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Posted:any spinners near cardiff or cross hands area still active on these forums? any meets?


Carpal \'Tunnel

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Posted:There are a few knocking around, between cardiff and swansea.

There's a juggling/ poi meetup in Pontardawe for adults on Sunday nights, though is a bit of a trek to goto from Cardiff.

Other than that, I'm somewhat out of the loop.


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Posted:Did Cardiff decide poi isn't cool any more? It's a shame Cardiff uni doesn't have a poi society, or a "Glowstringing-Firepoi-Staff-Hoop-Meteor-Astrajax"-society. Much more worthy of funding than f*cking frisbee society! Has such a society been known in the UK or is poi strictly "point of interest"?


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Posted:i think southhampton has one

he he i am mike the amazing gloscircus person who is mike.

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