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how come rain can make everything seem so bad? maybe its just me, i've been feeling really down lately and the rain really does seem to make things worse! frown

***must find the energy to do poi even if its raining***

any thoughts?
wonder if it is possible to do poi whilst holding umbrella in teeth.... mmmm.... me thinks not!
(actually i dont own an umbrella so that makes it even less likely!)

hope you all ok... thought i had better finish on sunnier note or else i will be depressing the whole forum....

sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny

Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering...

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I actually love the rain. It makes things feel better to me. I have one very close friend where whenever we get together, it always seems to rain.

E pluribus unum, baby.

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Geh. Come to San Diego. You get so sick of the sun you actually want to live in 100% rain countries. I haven't been in a rainstorm since.... a month ago in Germany. And that was in the Summer! *pouts* I want more soft rain. Germany gets such nice soft rain.