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Posted:Would you do a show with hundreds of people looking at you with that knowing that if you make any mistake and yer photon hit some part of yer body turn off?

Well i could do it with glowsticks but its not the same well at least to me photons looks a way beter and well the coreographer though the same

Well 2 days ago i did ummm my coreographer told me to do it and if i did the mistake well i should continue with one Poi
Lucky me that i didnt made the mistake and all finish kewl
my group finished at second place and all kool
i still gotta ask in what place we placed on the trance part the one i danced :/ we placed in second in the whole coreography well was a cool experience looking that Everyone in the place like what you doing! jeezes! now i remenber when i did that like 4 months ago... jeez i would like to work like some of you on clubs doing this, is awsome

PD i cant do it with fire on that place so dont ask me why you didnt do it with fire:P!

Dance like if noone were watching you

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