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Could use some help here...

I've been working each arm individually and can get my poi moving right if my thumbs are up. When I turn my thumbs down, which I know I must in order to join the two comfortably, I completely lose the ability to bring the poi up to the higher plane.

Anyone who's got this have a tip for me in this step of corkscrew evolution?

peace ubblove weavesmiley

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the best thing I can say is start with doign a corkscrew with one hand btb... kinda to the rear side a bit.. and then on top of that.. you can take those motions and learn them in front of you.. (the way the hands spin..) because doing the btb cork hands don't necessarily work out the same.. not that the motion is not the same its a matter of keeping and conrtolling the cirlce that is differnt.. but all the same, it can be pracitced up front..

sorry I'm not much help still..

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why do I get back breaking imagery here? It sounds interesting for me to try but would you advise I get a bit flexible first? Well more than I am now???

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there is a lovely move to stretch you out in dervishly yers by meenik ubblove

been meaning to learn it for *ages* but never got round to it.
around 2:55 on the video smile

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or at 5.02 in Black and blue(full version) there is an all the way round btb corkscrew. not quite what you are trying but nearly......

with a description of it [Old link] about 10 posts in i think. inspired by meeniks manoova.


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hmm blue cat, shame on you for your shamless plugging!


Step (el-nombrie)

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