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Posted:Yarrr... Hello all out there... I was wondering, What does your name mean? any siginificance? I'll go first;
Mugetsu: Made up of two kanji that mean "No moon" (Thats when I impress my friends by getting terrable burns!)

Is it hot in here, or was I just engulfed in flames?

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:started using this name online a few years ago, as I was extremely lazy then, living next to Angel tube station and often told 'you're such an angel..'. Hence LazyAngel. But I almost used FNG, a nickname that sort of started in my first year at Uni.

Because ActiveAngel sounds like a feminine deodorant

Like sex, I'm much more interesting in real life than online.

'Be the change you want to see in the world around you' - Ghandi


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Total posts: 31 name being perdie and my passion being poi, put the two together and what do you get??pretty clever, eh??? weavesmiley tongue


Burning Brain
Burning Brain

eye shifter
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Posted:From my introduction

Written by: Burning Brain

So i was really blazed a few nights ago ( what great story hasnt started with those words) and grasshoppah was doing isolations infront of me and it was freakin me out, so i said that my brain was burning because he was doing these borderline retardedly good looking moves (i dont know how i came up with that description but uh). so i thought it would be a good name here.

If I could be granted one wish I would ask for all the questions of the universe.



chemical attraction
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Posted:nucleo- came from nucleophilic substitution
(a mechanism in chemistry)
-poi because my main toy is poi.



Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:after many attempts of tryin to register unsuccessfully i got loki to help me. i woulda used my usual nickname 'cardia' which means heart sorta (my mums mousepad used to say 'cardiacare' for heart care), anyways when loki helped me we tried different names like 'burntbeans' etc, and only liquid_bubblegum' worked. but i like it biggrin

Disclaimer:im not responsible for what i say or do whether it be before,during and after drinking alcoholic substances (owned by BMVC).
Creater of Jenisms(TM)
Virginity like bubble,one prick all gone.



HoP's Original Smelly-Hippie-Scum-Bag
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Posted:Hmm.. The Sera is derived from Seraphic meaning "Love of Angels" and the phire is just a play on words from "Fire". I guess "Angel Fire"?

Music gives Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination and Life to Everything.

Educate yourself in the Hazards of Fire Breathing STAY SAFE! hug Stop The Arms Trade!


vaperloc...the mighty
vaperloc...the mighty

look @my member
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Posted:I had a car who's engine vapor locked I dunno exactly what it means but I think it has something do do with the fuel,but it made my car go boom.
the spelling is just so I dont have to use numbers in my name.
the term "the mighty " is my napolean syndrome getting the better of me.

There are no obstacles only challenges.
Very funny scotty now beam down my pants.
[colour."green"}What would willie do?

AHH theres too many wee leprechauns i cannae squash them all



See my vest.... see my vest...
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Posted:My real name is Kate, and my mum used to call me 'Katinca' when I was young, which is the Russian version of Kate. We have no Russian ties at all in our family she just liked the name. I do too.

*Has a strange de-ja-vu that she has written something like this before...*

Love and Light

~*~ Katinca ~*~


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Posted:my friend calls me spankydoodle

there is no story behind it im affraid, she just started callin me it..... spank


50p says i will fit in it



Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:okay, so, i'm sitting in class with my friend doing just about nothing, when he turns to me and says: you need a nickname. i suggested sparkey, and it stuck. boring, but true. i intend to get my name legally changed to Sparkefforde (both Es are silent) in college, and be sparkey for short (the lack of capitolization is important)


"How do you know if you're happy or sad without a mask? Or angry? Or ready for dessert?"



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Posted:myco is pretty much a prefix for all things mushroomy. i like mushrooms. when i joined i was studying for a medical science exam, microbiology, including illnesses caused by fungi (mycosis), was one of the things that was on the exam. i was also reading a book about the role that fungi played in the lives of humans. i like the fact that it's kinda obscure, not like say "i like mushrooms".



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Posted:my old net name was satansfairy... and my name used to be claire, so friends called me clairy, and fairy... and then i changed my name and fairy stuck, but i prefer phaerie spelling cause it isnt cliche!

Only when you close your eyes can you really see...



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My original handle was Exo Skell which didnt really mean anything (still used for my e-mail address)

But it evolved into Doktor Skell because of my fanboyish love of Rammstein. How did the Doktor come from Rammstein?

Rammsteins keyboarder is Christian Lorenz.
although he is knowns as "Flake" pronounced "Flah-ker" not "Flayk"
or "Doktor Flake Lorenz"

My Internet handle evolved from Exo Skell to the full name
Doktor Slovak Skell.

Fair luna bright, fair luna moon
it shines at night but fades too soon
fair luna moon, fair luna bright
forever we dance
we dance under starlight


Whiffle Squeek
Whiffle Squeek

Location: Hartford, CT USA
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Posted:Whiffle squeek was the name of a cat in a childrens book...

it was a story to song about a cat who sailed around in a kibitka boat, and had boots made from jellyfish squish...

(i used to know the whole song, but its gone now, and i cant find the book anywhere...)

Educate your self in the Hazards of Fire Breathing STAY SAFE!


After 17 hrs i got the little beautie
Location: Sunny Devon, UK
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The War part, because im constantly at war with myself. At things i've said and done and things that i know i will do or wont do.

The child part, because im constanly being told to grow up and act my age.

Real name Joseph. I always spelt it Jozef cos i hated that name as a kid. But then when i was 18 and travelled round Europe i met up with some south africans and they named me Jowah (pronounced joe-wuh) Its stuck ever since.

A wise man once told me, A friend will bail you outta jail, A great friend will be sitting beside you saying that was f**king awesome.



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Posted:Havokist.... mmhmm....

it sorta came from me being disrputive in class with a substitute teacher, and someone would start to disrupt class, and i'd sorta maintain it 'til someone else was disruptive, and someone who looks after something has an occupation often ending in "ist" eg dentist, psychiatrist etc...
and the substitute teacher that we had a few times seemed to get this, and just referred to me as "Havokist" once, and it sorta stuck in my mind...

We are the music makers, We are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers, And sitting by desolate streams;
World-losers and world-forsakers, On whom the pale moon gleams;
We are the movers and shakers of the world for ever, it seems.



Say what?
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Posted:Pigeon_Wigeon... well... real names Claire... have many nicknames one of which is Pigeon.. from my best friend David.. which only he calls me... dont know why.. but he also believes I can control them ever since we met someone I disliked at a trainstation and a Pigeon poooped on them.. good times...and well Wigeon rhymed... so yeah Pigeon_Wigeon...


Spontaneously Combustable
Spontaneously Combustable

The cuter FRD
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Posted:errmmm, Spontaneously Combustable.........i dont know how i came up with this name, real name is Hugo, i dont have nickname at school.

----There are no opportunities, only problems----



fairy of light
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Posted:Written by: Phaerie

my old net name was satansfairy... and my name used to be claire, so friends called me clairy, and fairy... and then i changed my name and fairy stuck, but i prefer phaerie spelling cause it isnt cliche!

alvheid is my middle name, it means fairy of light smile

Luke sum ipse patrem te.



eating apples with chopsticks can be rather difficult
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Posted:i... err... wear hats... and i guess they're funky! well people say they are... my real name is Ella, and the only other nickname i have is ellamaka. (said "ella... mah.. kah.." )dont ask me why - i dunno! umm



manic over a fence
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Posted:ilsanya = not normal (in elvish)
also my adopted middle name

Quid Pro Quo
5|>00|\|5 /-\|^3 <00|!



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Posted:Pyro - Love fire arts
Monkey - I'm a rock Climber, I Love climbing things, first called monkey by my friend Nick when i suddenly climbed over some tennis court fence for no reason, he said i must have been a monkey in my past life.

hehe im a happy... this is my 100th post.... YAY



comfortably numb
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When my first (and only so far) love broke up with me one Christmas night (03)...I started having random bouts of depressmo...abandoned seemed to be a word that I related to, and the x's are just decoration. I will change my nickname one day though, it's getting a bit old

.All things are beautiful if we take the time to look.



Disco Inferno
Location: Remote Western Australia Karra...
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Posted:pretty straight forward fire bug, i like to set fires not just on stix im a member of the junior fire fighters and help with the controlled burn offs of dead debree that could become actuall fire hazards so yeah my cheif dude calledme fire bug

"Only fools are positive! are you sure? Im POSITIVE"


Adya Miriyana
Adya Miriyana

Location: Adelaide
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Posted:Adya_Miriyana... it's something I made up in elvish style.

My nicknames are usually Lou, or Louisianna

haven't had a new nickname in a while - i'm sure someone could name me. bounce



erm....can you smell parafin or is it me?

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Posted:My name is Riki which is short for richard but only my gran and the establishment ever call me that,
iwas named after my grandad who was called harry- i always thought this was odd till i heard the logic behind it,

my grandad was christened richard but back then they shortened it to dick, but being the yougist of eleven kids he was called little Dick which understandiblly he hated, so seeing as the next sibling up from him was called Tom, seemed a natural alturnitive
my mum only found out his real name when he asked for me to named Ricky.
i always have been a bit of a square peg and so I spelt me name Riki
then i found out that riki is a kanji word for sword or inner strength
and got tatood on the back of my head

oh and i spin a stik



One day penguins will take over the world
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Posted:well, im a gal, and im kinda emo, so i guess my name is self explanatory? although watch this space because i might change my name soon.

my rel name is stacy, which is an abbreviation of the name anastasia, which is a greek name. the male equivalent is anastasius, and it was the name of a 4th-century Dalmatian saint who was martyred during the persecutions of the Roman emperor Diocletian.

ummmm...........anybody have any suggestions as to what i can put here?!

mjk is monitoring your interwebs!



Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:mine doesn't mean anything. it's snoopy and poi. but snoopypoi sounded silly so it was SNOOPoi biggrin

Liz_Ard: Ouch!
SNOOPoi: Thats just not the sound of someone doing it right!


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Posted:Triptoe...mmh...i found it on a cat- and dognames homepage, but actally its nonsense -as far as i know...ubblol ubbloco

-I love goats and cheesecake-


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Posted:in jewish/christian creation myths, lilith was *the* original woman, created with adam at the beginning of things. but when god thought she was being too unsubmissive, she got kicked out of eden and lo! there's eve, created from adam and told to behave. which she kind of didn't, anyway!

lilith got the bad press, now another word for demon. pffft men spank

the "in london" bit... well i do live here, and lilith was taken by someone who's only posted once. oh well rolleyes

c'est pas nous qui sommes la rue, c'est la rue ktanou!

1st official camden town (uk) meet 21st october! see the events bit


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