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old hand
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Posted:Tonight i became one of 69 record holders..

We Hold the record for the most amount of fire breathers breathing fire on q!!

Granada, (ITV) came to stone henge tonight, and let us in the circle!!!! then we made a procession across the grass to the stones, where we all fire breathed on que.,......

it was amazing and some of the footage was wow!!! ubbrollsmile

just thought id let you know.. smile smile

its going out on channel 3 on sat night, this sat! at 8ish pm

do you hold any world recordS?

were u there?

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Posted:Written by: Mags The Jedi
And Theakston's a feckin muppet.

You're not thinking of Kermit are you?

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Posted:Written by: Mags The Jedi

Bit disgusted with ITV for their irresponsibility for not doing a "don't try this at home" disclaimer.

It was a bit like "don't do this at home...but if you do, use petrol" eek

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Posted:nice one frodo! clap
i too was a bit disappointed with the lack of dont try it at home all he said was if your going to...dont, but with the others like poxy weight lifting its gets the good treatment the 'trained professionals.....very dangerous etc'
also annoying was the constant calling it fire eating, oh well

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:so i wasn't the only one screaming at the tele then? ubblol
he kept talking about petrol! ah it was painfull! When bob was about to take a sip he was going 'now hes taking in the unleaded' (as in petrol) no no nooooo!
Amazing fottage. well done guys smile


Mags The Jedi
Mags The Jedi

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Posted:Written by: C@ntus

Written by: Mags The Jedi
And Theakston's a feckin muppet.

You're not thinking of Kermit are you?

Depends if Kermit ever spent 3500 on whores and coke in one night before really doesn't it? wink

Can't see Miss Piggy liking that.

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Posted:4 meters...10 so like...28 ft? dunno metric to US conversions...

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Posted:4 metres = 13 ft and 5.4 inches

There is no spoon biggrin

To do: More Firedrums 08 video?
Wildfire/US East coast fire footage
LA/EDC glow/fire footage
Fresno fire

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Phil Reilly

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Posted:Hey dude Where do you live , we are about to attempt a world record in Como Australia , interested


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