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Posted:So my CD burner has decided to go on the fritz...It used to work nicely, and without a problem, but not so anymore.

The software I have acts like it is burning files to a CD, but when it spits the disk out, the poor thing is still empty. I don't recall it making the usual noises it is supposed to while burning it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? The drive itself seems to be operating ok as I can put a disk in it and it recognizes the files just fine.


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Posted:Sounds like the laser gave it up.
I hope not, cause that means a new Burner.

Maybe it's software, but I doubt it....

Hmm, there's gotta be something round and shiny, I can play with


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Posted:may you check if you changed an option by chance so it is doing only CD images on your harddrive
I had that problem one time but I am not sure if that helps you
good luck

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Posted:got yourself a nice excuse to get yourself a DVD burner wink


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Posted:Maybe you need better sofware, like clonecd or alcohol120%?

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