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Posted:Ciao, poisters italiani!

My boyfriend is about to head off again to Italy - last year he tried to buy paraffin for his fire poi but got a bit stuck, since there seem to be several different kinds of paraffina. Can somebody tell me EXACTLY what he should be asking for, and what kind of shop to get it from?

Thank you so much,


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Posted:Here you go...
Somebody sent this to me before I went to France. It came in really useful.
As for the type of shop- I found that my local hardwear store sold lots of it. If he can find somewhere that sells paraffin heaters and oil lamps, then he's laughing.

Have fun. smile

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Posted:Mand- that is a really useful link for us travelers!
Thanks wink

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Posted:Mand - thanks a lot. I hope that will sort him out. Evidently the continental habit of using a word with the root "petrol" to mean paraffin is a little confusing - no wonder he couldn't find what to buy.

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Posted:hey Katerpillar,

I've just been in Italy, and finding paraffin is a hell... And the problem is, most people don't know what it is :-s.... I know where to find it in Napoli (expensive) and Siena (normal price), but if you can't find it you can use Petrol... it just stinks biggrin

for clarity, if you ask for Petroleo, you get... guess what, Petrol, and not paraffin, sorry...

in order to get people to understand you, ask them for:
- Paraffina Liquida
- fuel for 'lampa di olio' <grammar may not be correct, but they will get the point>

my standard sentence was:
scusi, dove si puo trovare Parafina Liquida?
<slight fuzzy look>
per lampa di olio...
<understanding look, but without any result most of the times...>
and ask for oil without color or Citronella... both suck pretty much smile

If you're lucky a hardware store might have it, and look out for the cheap shops with tourist trash; somtimes you see the cheap torches, they might sell lampoil as well then...

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Posted:Agree with the above except DON'T USE PETROL!! EVER!!

Oh, and our local supermarket had some in Rome, but I didn't have my fire toys frown

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