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Forums > Social Chat > Spinners in Melb next weekend? the 6th-8th July

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Posted:Hey Melbourne Peeps! and those nosey enuff to see what this post is about......

Just interested to see if there will be any spinning going down next weekend as i am coming to the mainland and i'd love to see some of your raw talent.......... `

SOoooooooooooooo let me know and i'll try to convince my hosts to take me where you are spinning!!!!! xoxoxox!

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Posted:ummmmmmm bendertypeperson we are on the same timeline you munky.....

i keep doing all i can to make it 8:05 but its not getting here any quicker.,....

i guess i should probably go home and pack, in about... sixteen minutes, which would make this my last post for the day, and the weekend unless i should give into my primal urge and pay (SHOCK HORROR) for some net time at a cafe, so i can see all you lovely ppls.....

fink i might just "tuff it out!"

go me!

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Posted:will any of you hoopy froods be in melbourne CBD at lunchtime tomorrow?

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Posted:You guys still going to st kilda sat night?

This weather is really giving me the shits, and a burn would be great therapy. I'll be in melb, so I'll check out the park, duskish or later. No problems if it's quiet.

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Posted:Howdy all,

Hey Bender,
Yeh looks like the weather will be craaaap. And well thats pretty much why I don't do private workshops anymore in winter eh. Your question- a 4 pack -just is slang/slacker talk for 4 performers, whatever their discipline. We have a private party at some hotel in the city. (ooohwaa!)Some shows are more exciting than others eh!

I'm kinda inconsistent on the Net access but I'll definately have to come down & get some hydrocarbon therapy some time real soon. Keep me posted!

About professional shows...that is a highly contentious issue I reckon... it depends who you project yourself as...a twirler? A performer who uses fire? a personality? a freak? a dancer?....something else? there are pretty strong definitions even in fire, something I have learned over time. also depends how you define professional: as in technical skill, or appearance and stage presence? or the lot? I have seen some "professional" performers (from lots of forms) be quite crap and yet also seen some teenage kids from nowhere put on a show to kick their asses. It is a rare thing to be truly captivated by a perfoemance, I think the audience turns off and half tunes out subconsciously to alot of stuff. A true performer, I reckon, can enthrall. Who cares how feral or goth or untrained or unknown or whatever...blabla.. blabla..don't start me. Or do. Fascinating topic tho'.

Hey did your ever hear of or ever go to any Flashpoint parties, StKilda Beach, lots a few years ago but only after StKilda fest for last 2 years?

i recently read Pele's firebreathing guide...probably should direct this to Pele herself...As a long term firebeather I have to say she is spot on in her info and warnings, very well done, and she is very brave to put it all up!

Juggleart..hehheh...if you firebreathe, watch it!!!

Hey Flynt,
"...pack the charger."
do you drive a charger? As in Chrysler/Valiant? if so, (insert wink and V sign) (VK 770 driver)

I do not have net access for a few days as of sat morning (nowhere near it)so seee y'all,

cheers, sooty fingers and evilfirewaterburps,

(we are the people your parents warned you about)

...Firebreathing? Magic is only part of it my friend, diet does the rest!


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