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Posted:I'm so excited I just had to tell you all this great thing that happened today.
Thisafternoon I'd just finished TAFE (big people school) and was walking down the street to catch my bus home. Suddenly I feel this presence behind me coming fast. I turn around and who do I see with a big grin on his face but one of my best friends who's supposed to be in India. He left with his family 7 months ago to go and live in India for 2-3 years so naturally I was not expecting to see him. I have missed him so much and he's been really slack and hasn't emailed anyone, I got one phone call about 3months ago just to say he was alive and not in prison. He didn't warn anyone he was coming back. Unfortunatley he is not back for good reasons his mum has been having medical problems and they had to come back to be near the hospitals. Even though it sounds selfish I am so glad he's back I've missed him soooooo much, he's my fire buddy.
Anyhow I just really wanted to tell everyone becaues I'm sooo happy!!biggrin smile smile smile biggrin

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Posted:Aww, I'm pleased for you that he's back and i hope his med stuff turns out ok smile:)


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