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Posted:Arghh! I have to rant now or I'm going to explode.
My mother and sister are like this( cross your fingers). Which leaves me pretty much out. Even my sister has observed that my mother is and always was harder on me than on her. It may be because I was the first, but it still bites.

Anyhow- the beef of the whole thing is this:
My sister's allowed to pretty much do what she wants, I am not.
I work nighttime security, which means I get home and go to bed anywhere from 6-8:30 am, depending on the site. If my sister's awake, she insists on playing her music. The bass comes right through my walls. I ask her to turn it off because I really need to go to sleep, and she refuses.

What chaps my ass about this whole deal is this: It's perfectly okay for her to play music and wake me up, or keep me awake, never mind that I have a job to go to. But god forbid that my music ever disturb her! Just now, my mother bitched at me for playing music on my computer (downstairs), saying that it MIGHT disturb the sleeping princess upstairs. So far, princess has not complained, in fact, she's asleep already.
So it's fine for her to disturb me all she wants, but should I do anything that might disturb her, my mother gets all over me about it.

I'm just so F'ing tired of this. Abso-fecking-lutely tired of it. My sister gets to wear what she wants, while my taste in clothes is routinely poo-poo'ed. She gets to wake me up or keep me awake, and I haven't got a leg to stand on!
I can't talk to my mother about this- she just goes into denial and then freak out modes when I even mention any percieved ineqiuty. My dad can't or won't rock the boat and stand up for me.
And I can't move out just yet because this job pays such sucky wages, and I haven't got the credit that landlords want yet. Better pay and credit will take at least several months to establish.

Arggghh..Just had to rant. It's more legal than tearing heads off..

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Posted:Raaah. I hate it when stuff like that happens frown

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Posted:Rant away.. that sounds sucky.



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Posted:Thanks guys..It will be nice to have a place of my own, but I'm not making crane operator's pay just yet:(

I'm not kidding here- my sister loves to wear trendy-type clothes, I don't. Since I'm plus-size, not hugely obese, but not little miss slim, either, I couldn't if I wanted to. Being stuffed into too-small clothing is NOT becoming. I prefer exotic, ethnic, or historically inspired clothes. I've got a couple of sari, some kimono, lots of gorgeous sarongs, two beautiful cloaks, among other things, and will have an 18th century style blouse and some other cool things if I can ever get around to making them.

But just watch my mom keel over and die of embarrassment at the thought of being seen in public with me so attired. It's okay for my sister to leave the house in whatever she likes, but I routinely get poo-poo'ed for it.
I also suspect that she's less than thrilled with my becoming a crane operator. She thought I was wasting my money by taking the training course (which I passed, BTW), and I overheard her on the phone with my dad, going on about how I was wasting my money and was too fat and out of shape to climb those cranes. Never mind that most of the crane operators around here make me look small by comparison. Sometimes I wonder if my sister's the daughter that my mother *really* wanted. I'm just the first draft that there's something allegedly wrong with:(

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Posted:hug to you. Dealing with parents isn't always an easy ordeal. It sounds like you have a lot of things left to work out with your mother just because she sees you as being different from society. She should learn to embrace your differences instead of shun them. Kudos to you for liking different clothing and ethnicity.

You might want to have a discussion with your mother about your choice of jobs and clothing. Ask her what she doesn't like about both the clothes and the choice of jobs. If it is just that she thinks they are different, explain to her (not agrumentavely) why you like them. What does being a crane operator mean to you? If she sees that you are happy with both of these, she should calm down a little bit. You might also want to show her that you have thought out your career choice and show her some of the benefits of it. hug


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Posted:god i could write an entire essay's worth on my mum, sister and me, something is up with those two seriously! probably the worst situation is when it comes to the internet, see i have broadband just in my room, however even though the socket is in my room the wire running from the socket goes through the wall into her room which basically means that if i 'step out of line' she threatens to cut the wire which means bye bye interent which can be a real bitch! im 19 and shes 17 and everyone goes oh its the age gap and everything it being too close etc but i honestly do think she has a problem, she is literally grumpy 24/7 but moment she wants her way she'll be nice (of course if her way is refused its straight back to being Cerberus the 3 headed dog guardian of the underworld!!) im a happy spinner, you can't imagine us deliberately starting a fight with your sister, i keep out of her way, the worst part is cos i work a bar shift i come home at say 1 or 2 am and she has gone to bed and locked her door, but she unplugs the broadband and same as amanita im not aloud to wake her to ask her to plug it in for me, so i do the honourable thing and either text her about 8pm or something just reminding her if she could just leave it pluged in would be great to which the reply is VERY rude, eg: only 2 hours ago and i promise this is word for word:
Will: Hey Cam (camilla) can you just plug in my net please, thanks.
Camilla: Oh for F***S SAKE!! just shut up and leave me alone!!

that is all what was said, and i havent wound her up previously or anything about it, now as much as i'd like ot get her back say by locking my door restricing her use she can immediately just say right will im cutting the wire, she has this power over me which i hate, i cant wait till i go to uni in 3 weeks time! mum doesnt do anything, she just says im not getting involved
sorry just wanted a rant, sorryif any of my typing doesnt make sense

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