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northern monkey

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i have a question cos i'm bloody concerned and worried about this weekend...

right, to all you pill-heads, this might be a bit scary to you, but have ur eyeballs ever gone grey and see-through????

cos this is what happened to me on saturday nite and i'm so feckin scared!!!!!

okay, happy with my one ickle pill, buzzin along and went to bed (work next day)couldnt sleep and my eyes were sore so went to have look in mirror. When i tried to look inwards (when you look towards ur nose) my hugely large pupils moved and this silvery grey half of them took over.

THEN i looked properly and could see the stalk of my pupil, then the blood vessels in my eye and the little red bits that attach ur eye. And the colored bit (the iris i think) turned completly clear, I could see through my bloody eye!!

I really need to know if you have heard of this, know what it is or if it was a hallucination (however, i think i remember it happeneing once before so i'm not sure)i'm terrified my retina was detaching or something like that!!!

i intend to take a lot of drugs at glastas but if i'm going to bugger up my eyes then fuck no drugs for me...

cant exactly go see my optician either "hi, i was completly fucked off my baps and my eyes went see through man...."


anyways, help please, medical emergency

vic xx

::::glastas countdown ::::
eight spliffs to go....

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Posted:And another important point!
drugs are generally bad mmmkay for the spiritual and esoteric paths.
they cloud your vision, and in the case of weed, greatly hinder entry into the astral entirely.
not just drugs but alcohol and great emotion effect the same barriers.
The are exceptions. The Dalai Llama sez that the spiritual psychedelic visions are like a hazy view (like seeing it through a window as he put it) of what can only be acheived through the hard effort of spiritual growth.
What glories i have seen have in no small way given me the drive to grow in that way. Too bad for me that i can't have a spliffy after a good doof/ sunset nemore
a lesser evil, hey?

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Posted:Sorry, C@ntus. It seems like I suffered the same type reaction that you tend get with that post. I guess we all get misunderstood sometimes. No hard feelings, Brother Man. I had a lot of information running through my head that I wanted to get out, and I was trying to make sure I addressed that before I got off onto another point. I was disagreeing with the smack and agreeing with the K. The second post wasn't directed at you in the least.

For all of last year, and some of the year before that, I was heavily involved in the "distribution" of said products. I came across a lot of people who had similar misgivings about what they were doing and had a lot of bad ideas running around in their heads that had come from rumors and media coverage. So I made it a point to learn all that I could about it, and pass that information along to others. I was merely sharing what I have found. Sorry if it came across as arrogant, but I wanted to make it as short and sweet as possible...I am long-winded enough as it is.

Funny enough, I don't really roll any more...unless it is a really special occasion. I had my fun with it and moved on. Can't say I won't go back, and I definitely don't look down on anyone about it. Everyone is going to make their own choices...hopefully on their terms because it is better that way. But regardless of what you choose to do, the best choice is an informed one, would you not agree? Knowledge is Power.

And sorry for the misunderstanding, C@ntus. It wasn't aimed negatively at you at all.

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Posted:ok. Sorry for getting all grumpy. I do that sometimes.

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Posted:s'all good!

FREE TIBET!!! (with the purchase of a 44 oz. drink)What do you want to be when you grow up?I want to be a kid again!I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.~~~J~~~


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Posted:Bender, that’s one way of looking at it.

But, what about the shaman traditions? Like made popular in books like "The Teachings of Don Juan" by Carlos Castaneda. Or even, "Fear and Loathing" and the pursuit of the American Dream by Hunter S.

If we as members of the human race practice meditation, we can transcend our fear, despair, and forgetfulness. Meditation is not an escape. It is the courage to look at reality with mindfulness and concentration. Thich Nhat Hanh


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the mind gap.

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Posted:castaneda's books are definitely worth reading by everyone, even if they don't think they're interested in the subject but you must remember that they are works of fiction. (for evidence of this read ' castaneda's journey ' or ' the don juan papers: further castaneda controversies ' both by richard de mille)

if anyone is interested in a first hand account of yaqui culture / sorcery they should read rosalio moises's autobiography ' a yaqui life ' published by bison books, university of nebraska (initially published under the title ' the tall candle ').
happy reading

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Posted:best advice for all you pill poppers out there
If you get too hot be it from dancing too much or DXM in yer pills don't keep going out where it's cold then back in to dance and warm up this is not good for you instead go to the toilets and run your wrists under a cold tap this has the effect of cooling you down gently and from the inside out (not outside in)

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Posted:yeah, getting hot then cold then hot etc. is bad for you.

thats why my sports coaches always told me to not drink ice water right after events.



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Posted:rule #4 one man, dont look in the mirror tripping.

I smell something burning.


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