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Posted:Last Saturday afternoon I picked up my first set of practice poi and by nightfall I performed with fire...what an amazing experience. I'm hooked!

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Posted:First off...welcome.

Second off....I'm going to turn on my Safety Monitor button and say that it is not very wise to spin fire the first day you pick up poi . It is an amazing experience, but things can and do go wrong, even for those of us who've been spinning for years.

We always practice a new move without fire before spinning with fire, and we practice until we can get that move consistently, without hitting ourselves, or tangling.

Welcome to the world of poi, but please please PLEASE practice without fire for a while before lighting up again.

Safety Monitor off.

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Posted:Actually, I did practice with practice poi for a while. I learned about 4 different moves and coreograhped them into a routine which I practiced for several hours with the fire poi unlit until I was comfortable and consistent. I also was wearing protective clothing and had my hair tied up and covered. I understand your concern and respect the risk involved. It is not something I did light-heartedly but instead something which came from deep inside - almost as if I've done it before in another life or place. It was a spiritual experience. I lit up several times that night with the respect, concentration, and skill needed to not injure myself or others. Thanks for your concern and I promise to continue to practicing!


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Posted:wave hi io!!

so where's your intro thread?!?!?! *teehee*

poi is so addictive & i'm sure you will love it! enjoy!

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Posted:I agree with SpitFire for slightly different reasons, firstly, believe me I know how tempting it is to spin fire the first night, I did so, i also burned myself quite badly when the chains tangled on my leg. I was also confident as i picked up weave and butterfly and had them smooth every other time. the issue is not learning a move. to be safe you have to OVERLEARN (psychology term) a move... its like walking down stairs, even a toddler who can walk down stairs must be supervised when near them, yet a few years later its no different than sitting down. remember, protective clothing ony protects for about 5 seconds, and hair ignites almost instantaneously.. short of wearing an approach suit, spinning fire is NEVER safe. its only less dangerous. I was burned on my leg through thick workjeans, on my hands through leather gloves, getting them off and lost plenty of short arm hair.

before i spin fire with a trick, i make myself certain of 3 things:
1) I know the trick well enought to do indefinitely while fully distracted
2) I can smoothly exit the trick at any point, without thinking about it
3) I have a foam or powder fire extinguisher handy (liquid can cause flash burns)

I'm not trying to destroy your enthusiasm, and i'm sure you don't want to hear this, but in addition to your safety, you mentioned performing, implying others watched. I would never watch a fire performer who had only a few hours practice, let alone do it. One of my teachers got hooked on poi, and several months ago, when he was pretty good, he accidentally released a wick right into the center of our group... he had much more than a day's practice. PLEASE for yourself, and your crowd, don't use fire when you've just started.

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Well written SP

Lets steal a spaceship and head for the sun, and shoot the stars with a lemonade ray gun.


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