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Posted:I am considering Glow Poi and was wondering if anyone had any advice on whether to go for tubular ones or glow balls?

As they seem a bit pricey, want to make sure get the right ones!

Have done Poi with glow stick on bootlaces and they seem to go damn fast, so weight could be an issue too. Heavy or not?

Any advice and experiences welcomed ubbrollsmile

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Posted:Please do a search on this. (Click 'search' at the top of the screen).

There's lots of threads on this, some of which are still active, with some very good info and links to sites on them.
Try looking at Best value glopoi

Or A bit of advice needed on strobe/ Glow Poi

Or Glow poi- an aesthetic question

Or LED glowstick poi- questions

Or many of the others on the results of a search.
Thank you.

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Posted:All Poi have there own advantages it's just what feels right for you. All I can suggest is to go and try some out, whichever feels the most comfortable will be the right set for you.
Have funweavesmiley:)

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Posted:If you go for the Beamers...Watch out.....!
They're hard and Fast......!!!!

It's a very interesting story, Future Boy....!


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