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Posted:Greetings fellow fire freaks, and glo-freaks... The plexiglass glo tubes... got them at store specializing in plastics... the tube is 3/4inch diameter, 1/2 inch on the inside, usually comes in 6ft lengths, can get other thicknesses... I have a 4 1/2 ft staff, which glo-necklaces, and skinny glo sticks fit into fabulously... My glo devil stick is about 2ft, fits 1 long glo-necklace, or 2 shorts, or 3 skinnies... Contemplating creating glo tube numchucks... staff looks fab... like light sabre from starwars type thing... unfortunately will shatter if dropped at wrong angle, both of the tips of my staff were damaged, have to saw off, now have 4ft staff... still pretty tough tho', as I'm pretty hard on my toys... By the way, the possible compounds in glo toys... acridine derivatives... plus hydro peroxides (tert-butylhydroperoxide, most common industrial available hydro peroxide)(the acridine deriv.s need to be activated, which is why theres the glass inner tube). Happy twirling kiddies!!! :-) FFB

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Posted:Thank you fairie fire bell.peace outgarbo
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