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Posted:First, you need long long poi, the longer the better, and also very very soft ones, or you will die.

Do a normal butterfly, you can do reverse but lets start with a normal one.

Do it for a few seconds, when both poi are on their lowest position, tuck your neck infront and bend it, so it will be paralel to the ground, and above the poi.
when the poi come up again, they should wrap around your neck. When they do so, throw your neck as fast as you can backwords, so now it will still be paralel to the ground but with your eyes looking to the sky. At this point the poi should wrap themselves off and then you get them back infront of you and immediately continue to do the butterfly. If someone just blinked he wouldnt notice what just happend.

You must must do it with soft soft poi, or you will die, realy. The poi could wrap themselves double on your neck, and if thats a thin chain you will choke.

You can do that from a bf, from a bth bf, and also reversed.

This lookes very beautiful, even that I haven't saw it from the side.


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Posted:look under the Jedi Thread - gives a brief description of this. Jedi because the danger of the poi tangling into a knot & melting your face off is rather large... devil
I've had a go at this & have done it several times, but don't intend to do so again... with one poi yes, with two...no.

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Posted:I double them up and do a sidewase neck wrap with fire. I've thought about doing the double from the butterfly, but the one I do is enough for now. biggrin

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Posted:yeah well.. you could use some non-flame/intense heat eminating device... in whihc case you can open avenues for all sorts of craziness..

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Posted:I got my tonsils out on tuesday and have been stuck at home, hopped up on vicodin. i'm been doing a little bit of glowstick spinning indoors, and was doing wrap combos last night and threw in a double neck wrap, forgetting my tonsils had been removed. I was on the floor for a good 10 minutes cursing and crying and throwing quite a fit. Tip of the day: Don't neckwrap post-oral surgery!


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Posted:Yea it does hurt, I used a very soft poi made from double baby socks with a small rice sack at both ends, so when it hit it didn't broke anything.
But it's realy nice, ppl loved it, so I'll continue with it.


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Posted:yeah this is a meteor move I think, well I've seen it don lots with meteor anyways. Hard to get clean and hurts like a you know what!

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Posted:Hey Everybody...Just managed this with Sock Poi...... Maybe i'll give it a go with the Beamers Next......!!!

It's a very interesting story, Future Boy....!


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Posted:not a new one, but nice move - I once used it to win cheese. (it was a competition for the blackest (ie. soot-covered) person back in those winter months in bristol when people need the hope and joy that potential cheese winning brings... ah good times)

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Posted:They do it in the Spinning In Paris 2 vid, clap good stuff

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Posted:yeah.. this is fun to do with glostix, but you do have to be careful of you will get a bloody lip.. trust me. wink


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Posted:yeah i can do this one with socks, havent tried it with my chains because that just seems silly and i'll get all sooty! smile

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